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Author Topic: sesruc's reviewwwwwwwwwss ;0  (Read 1794 times)


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sesruc's reviewwwwwwwwwss ;0
«: November 04, 2008, 08:17:38 PM»
if i forgot you please tell me!!

angora/passé/apotheticarily: commissioned me twice. obviously unhappy with the second but had never requested any changes whatsoever. payed quickly.

azine: she emailed me asking for a spot. payed via snail mail. a little slow because she had moved, but that's ok. she was a joy to do business with and provided nice refs.

capricia/joygasmsxo: commissioned me for a web layout. awesome all the way through, explained everything thoroughly and quick with payment. would work with again!

chokotto/tia'ran: commissioned me for two sketches. lovely characters and prompt payment.

drague/linrot/sean: commissioned me for several sketches and a port. the port didn't get accepted by furc because it was too "gory" but it eventually did after i removed the blade and the blood. we were both frustrated.

idaris/wrekal: one of the first people to commission me.. ever. she received two sketches from me. the payment was quick and she was satisfied. would work with again!

kelbit/rahli: commissioned me multiple times, satisfied. quick with payment. recommended and would work with again.

la-la/noraneko: commissioned me for two sketches. characters are always a pleasure to draw and she's always eager for art. prompt with payment. recommended and would definitely work with again in the future!!

louis: quick, painless sketch commission. finished quick, paid quick.

lovedoll/starri/lovecube: awesome character and was pleased overall with the outcome. she was fun to draw for and payment was fast. would work with again!

magma: one of my first commissioners. she commissioned me more than once for $2 sketches when i offered them. very easy to please and work with. she's just here to buy stuff! recommended.

moby/kuki/oldmusic: commissioned me for non-remap ports and a sketch of moby, website design & more. she was really good to me through it all and payment was prompt. her characters are always changing. would work with again!

nati/nativity on furc: bought one of my premade nonremap ports. awesome! very nice and understanding when i was on vacation during part of the transaction. quick payment and always kept me updated. provided clear refs & was cooperative. recommended and would definitely work with again!!

oswald-mun: commissioned me for a bunch of stuff. i miss her and she's a darrrrrling.

paine: a darling! bids on a lot of my art and if she wins, pays promptly. recommended!

ricola/coconutkukki: commissioned me for a non-remap port of her dragon-ish character & tons more art. payment was fast and she's always eager about my art. would work with again!!

sydney: bought a premade port from me. fast payment. would work with again.

valentin levan: commissioned me for a sketch in april '08. i think it was the first time she ever commissioned someone but everything went fine and dandy.

xadian/takusay: commissioned me for a sketch. quick payment, would work with again.

zehna/smidge: commissioned me for two sketches. very generous & tipped me. quick with payment. would work with again if possible!

and some people..
gotta figure this out brb

adielle: awesome lady. i think we've done multiple trades? anyways, her characters are classy and she always produces the best.

anzubi: ugh i've done plenty of trades with her and she has been great. MIA right now.. dunno where she is but i miss that lady.

goldie/miller/lololover: back in december of '07. slick trade.

masha/tachs/guldov: trade completed, she thinks that the trade was unfair. interesting experience to say the least because she had 'loved' my half but also feels that it was 'very lacking in quality'. i was insulted by her dishonesty in short and she has agreed that she will not let something like this happen again.

snochu/caramelplaydoh: feb '08. finished my half, don't think i ever got her half.

vename/crunkthum: done several trades with her. always produced unique work and pulled her weight.

vivir/rodeo-redux: this was back in november of '07. i did my half, never got mine. dunno why. she's a nice chick nevertheless.

and a bunch more people
gotta figure this out too but i'm lazy so i'll just add on to what i have
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Offline Chokotto

Re: sesruc's reviewwwwwwwwwss ;0
«Reply #1: March 30, 2009, 11:19:38 PM»
Thank you for the review. :) I'll be using this as a ref! <3

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Re: sesruc's reviewwwwwwwwwss ;0
«Reply #2: March 31, 2009, 11:10:00 AM»
You drew an awesome pic of Dolli for me. #SO

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Re: sesruc's reviewwwwwwwwwss ;0
«Reply #3: March 31, 2009, 11:15:56 AM»
Add me. vv; We traded.


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Re: sesruc's reviewwwwwwwwwss ;0
«Reply #4: April 07, 2009, 07:16:06 PM»
+small edit

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Re: sesruc's reviewwwwwwwwwss ;0
«Reply #5: June 28, 2009, 02:03:37 AM»
<333 REVIEW! Thank you much! I'm going to try to remember to browse through the character refs..and look if I see your name especially. I might comish for actual character art in the future (money situation depending of course!)