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Author Topic: Alluvial's Reviews  (Read 2288 times)

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Alluvial's Reviews
«: November 09, 2008, 04:54:51 PM»
People Whom I've Commissioned:

B.G. Hooke: A remarkable artist who pays extreme attention to detail. He took a few months to work on the portrait, but did not ask for payment until completion because he wanted to be certain that he could make the product perfect. A pleasure to work with, no hassle. Very worth it if you're patient. My mermaid portrait is exquisite.

Cabsie/Abseh: Her style is cute and very quirky. Her portraits are highly cartoon-ish and stylized, and she generally charges less than other portrait artists might. She offers both remappable and nonremappable. I didn't wait longer than a week after payment before I received the commission.

Hugo Weaving: Commissioned him for a "Wiggler," and it was completed quite quickly, and... well... just look at it! WIGGLE WIGGLE WIGGLE! I'm very pleased with it. :)

Kaelin'yFiae: Quick, clean final product. Also did a trade and got her half done promptly. Super sweetheart.

Kain Ragnarok: Bought a premade in an auction. Excellent with shading, and the backgrounds Kain does are to die for. Prompt receipt of the portrait after payment.

Indigo Nightfall: She was commissioned for a portrait for one of my characters. I ended up really liking it, but one of the downfalls with her is that she charges a lot more for the artistic control that others would offer a client for less.

Jpak: I purchased a premade from her at the autobuy price. Edits were made promptly, and I love it to pieces.

Rat the Unloved: I paid for a portrait of my Absinthe fairy character and gave Rat artistic freedom. I received it shortly after and was completely satisfied.

Safiye: She is an absolute treat to commission. I've bought two portraits from her - one dragon and one human. The dragon one was exquisite, and her humans are quite good. Her style is sans-lines, so it's something to consider if you're not very into realism.

Toushin: I commissioned this artist via DeviantART ages ago and can't recall her Furcadia name. Very professional and prompt. I never did end up using the portrait because the character concept fizzled out, but this artist was great to work with.

People Who've Commissioned Me:

Angelic Sin: Where to begin? Great character design, immediate payment, TONS of references, and the patience of a saint. A truly enjoyable customer to work with. Commissioned twice.

Atsumori Kofuhara/Christopher Young: He paid way in advance to help me out during hard financial times and was very patient. He gave me a general idea of what he wanted but otherwise gave me total freedom. He was very satisfied with his portrait (especially when it got a Daily Deviation) and recommended me to friends.

Aubrey Tanwen: One of my first commissions. She was very detail oriented, but also very patient throughout the process. She paid promptly and was pleasant to work with.

Banny: Good references, prompt payment, and oodles of patience.

Buddha/Mandolin: Such a doll! She bought a premade from me, then came back to commission me for a customized portrait when I opened up my lists. Her payment was prompt and generous. She also recommended me to friends after receiving her order.

Elye/Lutain: He bought a premade and later commissioned a custom portrait. He is a stickler for detail, but paid extra to make up for it. In the end, he was very pleased with both portraits.

Erde: An absolute gem to work for. Pleasant to work with, prompt payment, and a really fun character to draw!

Evelyn Montgomery: Pretty easy to work with. Offered a life Digo in an exchange and delivered promptly when the work was complete.

Fawkes and Glory: Commissioned for a couple portrait. Patient, lots of refs, prompt payment. Great suggestions for poses.

Hoaxer/Shizuyo: Prompt payment, good references and description. Very easy to work with and highly recommended!

Idona: One of my earliest portrait commissions. She was very patient and was good with communication. A treat to work with, payment in advance. She recommended me to friends.

Inari: Very patiently waited for his turn and was happily active in the creative process. His suggestions were prompt, polite, and he was an absolute sweetheart to me. Pays by e-check, which takes longer to clear than debit. Otherwise highly recommended.

Jadice: Commissioned me to color line art for a portrait. Paid promptly, easy to work with. Likes details.

James Vurner: Good customer. Exceptionally patient and provided great feedback throughout the process.

Kaelin'yFiae: AWESOME customer. Immediate payment, and very enthusiastic. Loved the final product and wears it proudly.

Klaus von Ulrich/Adelina Samson: Commissioned four portraits. Prompt payment, easy to please and to work with. Will probably continue to be a customer.

Leslie Stantz: Paid in advance. Very picky and vague with his references and descriptions, but also willing to give a good degree of artistic freedom.

Lolo: Bought a premade. Prompt payment, no problems. :)

Lynyrd: Good description and references, immediate payment. Very agreeable.

Magma: Paid promptly plus tip. Awesome customer, highly recommended!

Mayumomo: I was commissioned for a portrait of her geisha character. She requested a subtle hint of her kitsune heritage but otherwise gave me total freedom. She was great to work with, paid in advance, and gave valuable feedback.

Mera Frey: Good description, immediate payment. Recommended customer.

Minerva Giordano: Provided amazing references and good descriptions. Paid in advance, very agreeable.

Morde: Paid in advance, good references. Patient and friendly.

Octavian: Great customer. Any issues with this transaction were purely my fault. They paid promptly and gave me creative freedom.

Okashii Kaiki: She paid promptly but there were issues with her editing the portrait after I was finished. My signature was removed from the piece in the process. She has since removed the portrait. I would recommend her as a client, but would caution the artist to make sure she communicates her wishes clearly.

Olden: What a great customer! Good input, prompt payment.

Pwwka: Very particular, but very patient throughout the sketching process. She paid promptly and was very pleased with the final outcome.

Rauber: Immediate payment, great input. Will probably be a repeat customer.

Silenus: Paid in advance. Great customer.

Solaine: Commissioned me years ago for a series of drawings in exchange for classic wings and a dragon. I did a few of the drawings and never received payment. She then disappeared entirely, and I can't seem to find her.

Tainted: Paid by e-check on Paypal, which takes a few days to clear. Reliable customer, good communication. Very easy to work with.

Victor: Great customer, very patient, good communication. Prompt payment!

Walter Schwartznacht: Helpful input, immediate payment. Very easy to get along with and please. Bought three custom portraits. Great repeat customer!

Art Trades:

Emma Blackwell: Traded me a pair of cyberlox falls for a portrait and some spaces. Very dedicated, good craftsmanship.

Kaelin'yFiae: Ever a pleasure to trade sketches with. Quick and quirky.

Sendra: Words cannot describe how awesome her half of the trade was. Very eager and enthusiastic!

Jadice: An up-and-coming portrait artist. Her trade was completed shortly after mine. Lots of fun!
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