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Author Topic: Premade Characters  (Read 1868 times)

Offline Skink

Premade Characters
«: November 11, 2008, 04:32:42 AM»
NOT HERE TO START A SHITSTORM and I'm not sure if I should put this in free for all or here, since I want some more thought out answers but it's not like there's a completely objective stance provided from square one to nibble on. If one of the mods thinks moving is appropriate so it shall be.

I used to almost never see premade characters getting sold (sure alts going with designs, usually just to increase worth, but not nameless things) but lately I am seeing more and more. I remember the first few I saw I was a little confused. This is supposed to be FURCADIA SOARING IMAGINATION ECT but instead of our imaginations soaring we're going to peddle imagination from the people who can get their feet off the ground? I have to admit I was a little grumpy.

Then I started to think of all the soaring imagination I see around Furcadia. A lot of its "imaginative" residents can still be considered pretty grounded if that's how I wanted to think about it. Sure it might be their design but I mean really now a spidercrocfoxdragongodgo desssixdickhorseatronic roboherm 2000 might be creative but it's like....idk

imagination soaring upside down. In the sewer.

Other people just don't want to make a character themselves. Others still see a design and shit bricks saying dear god, I wish I had thought of that, why, why didn't I?! I know a lot of artists, myself included, who also create characters on a whim and they never get used, too. Excellent designs. No purpose in "life." They might get developed further in looks but alas their souls are still empty. After thinking of it that way I sort of wanted to start doing it myself. Almost the same as selling a premade portrait... it was made for the sake of making, but instead of letting it go to waste, maybe sell it to someone who really wants it (since free stuff usually gets raped pretty hardcore) only a whole character has the potential to have a lot more substance than a 95x95 pixel square. More enjoyable work on the part of the artist, more payout for the buyer, and of course way more sporadic.

But as I noticed this change in thought I couldn't help but wonder, what do other people think? I see praise on good designs and I'm sure there's contempt for some of the less admirable ones (neither of these targeting anyone in specific.) Is there anyone out there who hates the idea, possibly even to a stubborn extent where you won't ever like it at all? People who love it for other reasons? Maybe artists who do them, why do you like doing it? Profit? More fun? More creative? Trend?


Offline Azula

Re: Premade Characters
«Reply #1: November 11, 2008, 05:15:22 AM»
man i don't even know. it's just like with alts that have those little cutesy kitty cat generic anthro feline designs. people are trying to make a quick (yet expensive) buck selling really bland and generic characters. creativity is rather close to non-existent you know.. esp when your ocs are supposed to be rElEaSeD fRoM tHe CoNfInEs Of Ur HeArT instead of some money-grubbing hands.

Offline Zim

Re: Premade Characters
«Reply #2: November 11, 2008, 05:16:16 AM»
Personally, I don't like "buying" character designs someone else created. It's so much more rewarding to put your own heart into a character, rather than buying an image someone else made, slapping it on your alt, and calling it yours.

Every once in a while, I see a premade portrait that makes me go, "hey! That looks kind of like my character! I wonder if they could tweak it a bit for me if I buy it..." Other than that though, no thank you. I'm not going to buy a portrait just because it's "pretty."

I've been seeing the same thing in alt trading though. "OH IF IT'S NOT PORTED I DON'T WANT IT." I remember when people bought for the name, and not the design. In fact, most of the time, people would re-port it if it was already ported because they wanted to use their own design instead.

Personally, I am going to continue to let my own imagination soar. I feel a deeper connection with characters I put thought and heart into. People may argue that the same amount of love is put into premade designs, but I really don't see it. Something about designing your own seems a little more fulfilling to me.

Sorry if I went off on a tangent a bit. This is also something I've been thinking about for a while, and have been a bit bothered by.


Re: Premade Characters
«Reply #3: November 11, 2008, 10:50:26 AM»
I agree. It's one thing to make a premade port that might already resemble someone's character and just edit it from there, but to buy an entire character design just because you didn't happen to think it up? I think that's a little ridiculous. I'd rather create my own character and just pay for the reference picture with how much some people charge for premade characters. Not only that, but I still get to keep my dignity in the process.

I tend to make a lot of characters I don't use. It upsets me because I like some of my designs very much, but at the same time, I don't feel obliged to hand over my creation to someone just so they can make it their own. I don't do that with portraits. I make it for them, but it's still my work. Making a character would have an entirely different outcome.

Offline Lovedoll

Re: Premade Characters
«Reply #4: November 11, 2008, 11:56:54 AM»
I have created plenty of my own characters, but I also bought premade designs and portraits, as well as ported alts for the combo of design + name.

I know a lot of artists, myself included, who also create characters on a whim and they never get used, too. Excellent designs. No purpose in "life." They might get developed further in looks but alas their souls are still empty.

I think that's the beauty of premade chars... I often have many stories in my head about characters. I name them, they have personalities, traits... but a lot of times I can't settle for an exterior, can't visualize them well. And a few times so far, I have seen premades sell that were perfect matches with the personalities. The shoe suddenly fit. So if I could, I bought them.

Now, the thing that bothers me about premades is how people have turned themselves into little mini factories and pump them out without any effort or thought, then ask 40 bucks for a crappy MS paint sheet in a quick chibi style. Don't get me wrong, they look cute and all, but you should make it worth the effort on the buyer's behalf too. Add a port into it to justify the price, add accessories to the ref sheet, make the sheet a bit more anatomically correct.

Chibi refs are quick and easy, so a lot of times the prices seem too high for the little effort that went into them. It's not just a design you're selling, but also a piece of artwork that is a representation of your character. If it's half-assed, quickly done etc. it doesn't really seem fair to pay so much for it. In that sense, the artists are just factories to throw out as many premades as possible and sell them for as much money as possible.

Generalization, if it doesn't apply to you don't take offense.

Offline Skink

Re: Premade Characters
«Reply #5: November 11, 2008, 01:11:41 PM»

Now, the thing that bothers me about premades is how people have turned themselves into little mini factories and pump them out without any effort or thought, then ask 40 bucks for a crappy MS paint sheet in a quick chibi style.

I have to admit that bugs me too. I do see the want to have your own connection with a character. Hard work to make them in to what they are today always makes me unwilling to change certain characters of mine even if it's in my better judgment now. Paint, who is pretty lame and I often compare her to designs I hate, is still unchanged just because she's not HER anymore if she gets warped. C.B., a character I've had since I was 13, is still pretty much EXACTLY THE SAME only drawn better over the years. But I was a fucking lame 13 year old, I would have punched myself if I had saw myself putting her in that damn hat and I don't have the heart to get rid of it completely by now. You don't get that same kind of "protectiveness" over a design somebody else made for you.. not usually, at least. Or maybe you're just buying a base to start from. But when it's the same thing over and over, with just a few minor changes from the last one, in the quick buck quality of a dollar store, well damn. Why even try? Most of Furcadia is already repeated designs with jewelry and colors slopped on, you shouldn't make them pay for that. Those are the ones that still make me curl my nose.

I guess it does really subtract from that player feeling of the character being "real" even though you know it's just a puppet you control.

If the design is unique and something that really shouldn't go to waste but you have no interest in using it, why not sell it off and get some payback for your work? No reason why not, other then some people don't buy. But.. why, just why, would you try to sell more of the same? People complain about characters like that enough. I guess there's always going to be the undesirable side to any kind of profiting.

Offline La-la

Re: Premade Characters
«Reply #6: November 11, 2008, 01:23:36 PM»
for me, i have a problem holding much interest than anything in my main. so i will create a character, put time, effort, money, imagination, love, what have you, into it, and end up not using it. i feel guilty, and think it's best to pass it on to someone else. i could give it away for free, or i could earn a little money to make up for the art, ports, and digos i have on it. i don't think anything is wrong with that, i'd never ask for more than what i thought it was worth.

i've bought two premade characters, from cathior. before i got the first, he had developed a personality and traits just from his picture and portrait, and i knew i wanted him. same with the second i've just bought from her. just because someone else came up with them doesn't make them not unique to me, and doesn't mean i like them less than any of my other characters. it's not that i didn't WANT to make the character., if i had been trying to make and create a new character, i would have. i didn't even have a name for him when i bought him. i hadn't planned on getting another character. i just saw him and knew i had to have him.

but, the people that just pump them out without thought, i don't like that. slapping some spots on a  wolf or an emo haircut on a kitty boy doesn't make them unique or imaginative and to me, those are the people only in it for the money. i think there is a difference between people in it because they enjoy it, people who like creating and imagining, and the people who only do it to make money. you can definitely tell quality and price wise.

Offline Rae

Re: Premade Characters
«Reply #7: November 29, 2008, 01:25:01 AM»
I love designing my own characters and ontop of that..all the power to people if they draw the character's designs and make some mula off it. But I prefer to make my own characters. But hey, right.
whatever they want.

Offline elle

Re: Premade Characters
«Reply #8: November 30, 2008, 07:27:54 AM»
i have some character designs ive put everything into, but i bought my first premade character the other day for the reason that: i love the design, i made a few altercations of my own, and i just want to make art for it. i will never sell the character, i have yet to get tired of drawing it. i dont think theres any problem with that. once in a while my imagination just doesnt do the job of making something sexy i want to see every day / slash every time i log on.

about chibi quick designs:

i dont mind them. honestly, i think if someone just buys a premade for some markings and then modifies the character into a great design just using the premade as a basis, it could work really well. but if they keep the design exactly as was, its not much of an effort and they'll probably end up sellin it
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Re: Premade Characters
«Reply #9: December 02, 2008, 03:47:35 PM»
I have my alt "Superior" I'm selling, which was offered 25 GD for her. Personally, I don't want the buyer to use my character design for their own uses because the character is special to me and she's Sapph's offspring. So, for future references, im just gonna not get too attached with an alt so much that make such a comlex character out of it that's related to my main one. Just somthing simple and nothing i care really about.

I agree with Zim. I wish people would just buy alts for the name, not the art.

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Re: Premade Characters
«Reply #10: December 02, 2008, 05:03:46 PM»
I like to think of it as an alternative. Maybe someone may not be as experienced in the aspects of drawing but are creative in the aspects of design. It's still selling a work of art, whether it's a quickly drawn sketch or full mind-boggling detail, the only difference is that it's being put to a use. That use is giving a personality to a character that already has design - sometimes the visual part is the hardest and what stands out the most to people is going to interest them.

:BB...... But that's my thought on it, there are the others who may just buy for your insights as well.
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