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Author Topic: Critique Please  (Read 837 times)

Offline Iwabashi

Critique Please
«: November 16, 2008, 08:11:37 AM»
Somehow My ports look like Terra Wolf's patches. Anywho....

Here are like... three of them:

1st: a Anthro Horse, whom I forgot to put on the ears.
2nd: Simply a Feline in a Bikini.
3rd: a Saber Tooth Tiger

Any Suggestions on how to make them look better?


Offline Sedde

Re: Critique Please
«Reply #1: November 16, 2008, 12:27:45 PM»
I'm seeing a bunch of anatomy issues going on here...with the sabre-toothed tiger, for example, the head shape (and the neck) don't look entirely feline. The nose isn't the right size or type, and the ears are in the wrong place and shouldn't fold back like that. They should look more like this:

Try, pretty-please try to use refs when you're learning to draw. Your shading is decent so far (though you're having a bit of a pillow-shading problem on the first two), and I like the backgrounds, but your anatomy needs some serious work. If you want to take money for your portraits, you can't forget things like the ears on a horse. If you're going to draw anthros, don't forget things like eyebrows and noses. There's little to no consistency with the way you shade hair, either. It's completely different between the first two.

I'd be happy to do some redlines for you, but before you try to draw another portrait, I'm begging you, please look at reference photos.

Best of luck to you!! <3
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