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Author Topic: Nikki-Knack's Reviews  (Read 775 times)

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Nikki-Knack's Reviews
«: November 20, 2008, 08:21:44 PM»
People I've Commissioned:

Aeva - <3 Aeva's art. I commissioned a port of Nikki and lineart of Cosekke from her, and both came out wonderfully. Quick work, very cute and very fair pricing.

Mez - I commissioned Mez for a ref sheet of Nikki's new design and zomg so cuuute! <3 I love it. She was very fast, too, and her ref sheets are very cheap and adorable.

Sadistic - Sadi's a greaaat artist with such a distinct style. I commissioned her for a sketch of Nikki and Tal, and she did such a good job on it. She was quick, kept in contact and was very fairly priced.

Stakie - I commissioned them for a picture of Tal. They have a loverly realistic style, and they did three different versions of a progress sketch that I could pick from. They were also very kind and easy to work with.

People Who've Commissioned Me:

Aeva - Again, I love working with this girl. She commissioned a handbag from me a small while back, and she gave plenty of information, was very patient while I worked on it, and I'm glad she liked it so much! Would definitely work with her again in the future. :3

(If we've worked together in the past and I've missed mentioning you, please let me know. D8 I'm slowly losing my mind.)
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Re: Nikki-Knack's Reviews
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<3 Thank you~