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«: June 18, 2008, 05:25:15 PM»

people who commissioned me..
katie/trean/emergency: oh boy do i love this chick~ she makes super characters and is a real cool commissioner, got my payment prompt n' all~ commissioned me 'bout twice, but boy i've drawn her more than that. sexy.
penelope: real real good. commissioned me multiple times i believe? yes. and she's bought a lot of premades so she's purely great and super cool.
liberal/xxinvokexx: mm i loev her. she's bought multiple premades from me and even commissioned me once, and is real good about payment n' all~ i like muchly.
corin: lord me, this girl has probably a thousand ports by me. or had, at least. she's super cool and a doll, great about paying and has even inquired to buy things that i hadn't even thought about selling. love.
clint: seeing clint's char i decided to throw myself at him and he did decide to commission me, so yay. i love the character so it was nice, one of the few male ports i've done and it looks atrocious but he liked it so i'm happy!!
kelly (wherever she went): o boy kelly has commissioned me what, three ports? paid me right when i agreed to do it, so i love her muchly for that. and she liked what i put out so it's all good.
goldie: mm bought two? premades from me, and paid me prompt. her art is sexy too so she deserves all the lovins she can get.
vename/detoxsun: she has commissioned me for two ports, and has bought some premades from me, and she tweaked them a bit and made them look delish. she's also prompt about payment too.
pez: not a commission.. but a trade?? yes. her half was EPIC and mine was poo but she liked it so we are very merry!!
alice: i just love her ..
tina/worm: i dont know i draw her free shit but w/e she belongs here.
julie: oh my~ she commissioned me for a feral port and i dont really do feral ports often.. but i liked .. actually.. the one i did for her.. she good~
mina-chan: i did a trade with mina-chan and she was super quick!!! i made her do a port for my friend and she loved it.
tony: LOL TONy has caught my fucking kiriban twice but that's good enough because he likes what i've done..
ale: OI OI OI!!! HOW DID I FORGET HER. she commissioned me for a port of her character and she liked it and it's all good! oops she did it twice i think?? ANYWAY SHE'S AWESOME
TINY: GOD I LOVE TINY because she is awesommeee! why? because she's patient as ever. waited months for my art from winning my contest but didn't once complain, which i adore! much love #SO
kye: i love kye!! she commissioned me twice and has been very good about the commissions. if she offers to commission you, take it!!
teuthida: another ggrrrreat commissioner!! she commissioned me for two ports and paid me prompt and everything. yayyy
tobey: i think?? bought a design offa' me and commissioned me a port to match. very quick w/ payment and very good!!
beep: commissioned me (DUH) and was very nice n everything about it!! very good
dotsy: whispered me every time i was online. only about a week later she asked me about her art, i gave her a legitimate response as to why i wasn't doing it, and she said it was an "excuse". i told her if she was gonna be sassy i wasn't going to do her commission, and in return she called me a "lazy liar" and told me to "fuck off". good thing i didn't start any of her art!!

people i've commissioned..
taikata: ooooh me, i've commissioned her before her lil' 14$ paypal only thing, but she's great. super hot artwork and great depiction of the character, and she's cheap and one of the best.
lockstep: oh god do i love this girl. she is QUICKER THAN LIGHTNING. i mean, she can get your commission down in a day, which is super awesome!! and she's cheap. very cheap and worth it worth it worth it. and we did a trade. so i love her..
adeana: mmmh!! i finally got the chance to commission her a few months ago after years of swooning, and what i got was amazing. one of my favorite port artists, please.
pez: oh yes i've commissioned her too and it was fuckin' hot and she did it prompt, so this makes me love her more.
day: i've commissioned kelsey twice in the past, and i've done a trade with her, and by god i am a true hardcore fan of what she's done. i've also bought premades from her which i haven't really touched and i should, because they are fucking hot. amazing.
dwy: paid her like, 2 year classics for one of her ports and it turned out so adorable~ i love it. the shading is amazing and so is her art in general.
tokyopony/jheri: fuck, i don't care about those accusations, the port i bought from her is still goddamn amazing and i will use it forever and and ever~
teafiend: commissioned her for a port for my jenni and it turned out so adorable and sweet~ i love it so much.
moondelle/whatever she is now: mmh~ i commissioned her twice, and both turned out super nice and amazing looking. too bad she don't really do portraits anymore, since hers were the bomb..
alabaster sea: i've commissioned her back in december, paid her initially because that is like a policy of hers? i've seen a sketch within a week, but i haven't seen any progress since she aim'd me about a month ago. seems as though she's had some problems, but it's been like 5 months.. --ope! finally got it. #SO
clint: holy shit this boy just pisses me off!! i commissioned him for some ports, and he gave me them and they were absolutely perfect!! but he WOULDN'T LET ME PAY HIM WHEN MY GIFTING DID NOT WORK. he charges wayyyyy too low and is simply amazing ughhhh
nepenthe/bral-da-arcku: ohhhh i loveeeee nepenthe's art. her shading is just the bomb... but she was looking for trades, so i flew out and she picked me. yay #SO#SO she was super sweet and her character was sexy, and she drew jenni quite perfectly!! i love it so much.
ale again: oh man i love ale she did a trade w/ me and it turned out megasweet yay!!
morki: ahhh one of my new fave port artists. commissioned her and she got my port down in a day. ugh!! and then i commissioned her again and it was utterly amazing. A+ MATERIAL.

that is all i remember because they are most recent..
+ im tired of this sorry

if i forgot you let me know.

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Re: HNNNnnna
«Reply #1: June 18, 2008, 07:34:30 PM»
commissioned you a while ago for a feral portrait forr Julie

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Re: HNNNnnna
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op!! going to add

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Re: HNNNnnna
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did a trade w/ u~

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Re: HNNNnnna
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Re: HNNNnnna
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Re: HNNNnnna
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Re: HNNNnnna
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Re: HNNNnnna
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I love your work. You did amazing on Couture. I'm so happy that I got to do an art trade with you! ;)

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Re: HNNNnnna
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Don't know if these count as commissions, but you did me a free port for Tiny, I and got a port and picture for entering your contest. xD

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Re: HNNNnnna
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Craig: what should my sig on faz be
Carnival: me
Joker: the jews have 44 athletes in the olympix

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Re: HNNNnnna
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I dunno if you remember but I bought this one and commissioned this one too back when Techno was still mine. <3 You've been a favorite of mine to commission for awhile, even if it was only two ports! :+
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Re: HNNNnnna
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updating this JUST FOR THIS REVIEW:
dotsy: whispered me every time i was online. only about a week later she asked me about her art, i gave her a legitimate response as to why i wasn't doing it, and she said it was an "excuse". i told her if she was gonna be sassy i wasn't going to do her commission, and in return she called me a "lazy liar" and told me to "fuck off". good thing i didn't start any of her art!!