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Author Topic: penny's reviews!  (Read 2180 times)

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penny's reviews!
«: August 18, 2008, 07:04:31 PM»
okay i KNOW that i will forget people, so just post or PM or whisper me or somethin and ill add you!
also maybe later ill alphabetize this.. im lazy atm.

people i've commissioned/gotten art from
anarchy - very, very good! definitely recommended. i commissioned her for an anthro portrait of cupid (now penelope), and she ended up making another one because she didn't like the original. she's very sweet and easy to talk to.

zim - ah luvs me some jen, yes i do. i traded her wario for a cg of my old main tan quite a while ago, and i loved it. she's also drawn me several free sketches for when i first design characters (3 for tan, 3 for cupid/penny (i think??)). super recommended plz.

roum - while it did take me a while to get the art i commissioned (digital piece of tan + zelos and a sketch of cupid/penny), it was well worth the wait. roum does AMAZING art and is very highly recommended. negotiable, sweet, and beautiful work.

beep - i don't think i've commissioned her necessarily, but she's my main collab partner and like my best friend. she drew me a a port for penelope before i changed her design back to cupid's, and drew me something in sai (i think sai??) as well. OH.. and a butt portrait for penny just because i wanted one for some reason. i'd recommend her ANY day, she's a great person.

sana/sync - IM SORRY FORGIVE ME AHHHHH. i love sana. she's the most trustworthy person ever - i'm currently sharing at least 4 of my alts with her, and we're collecting together. she drew me a portrait for my birthday last year and it turned out great! recommended for sureeeee.

feri - ohohoh i love this woman v much. i've gotten four portraits from her overall - one shaded for penny (birthday gift), one for zelos, one for cry, and one set of lines for penny. she's quick and prompt and very friendly, and her ports are to die for. go commission her!

aeva - i commissioned her for a fullbody marker piece last year sometime (probably exactly a year by now, i cant really remember) and she worked very fast! she was happy to show me in-progress pieces such as the initial sketch and the inking, and does quality work. recommended.

aeryn elanor - ive worked closely with her to have 5+ portraits made in the time Iive known her. i commissioned her for 3 portraits in august 2007 (2 for cupid, 1 for zelos), and all 3 turned out gorgeous. she is by far one of my favorite portrait artists, and is happy to fix things in the portrait if needed. very fun to talk to.

boxxcutter - commissioned for 2 badges - 1 of cupid, 1 of penelope (previous design). i was really pleased with the cupid badge, so much that i commissioned again for a penny badge, but i was disappointed. she originally got a few things wrong, but that was my fault considering i just threw a ref picture at her with no details. however, the way it was drawn didn't please me. still a very nice and quick person, who i'd recommend.

calixte radke] - i caught her kiriban, and she drew me a gorgeous picture of cupid/penny. there were a couple of things that i didn't like, but they were minor, and overall, i love the finished piece. i'm hoping to get more from her some day.

hare - i commissioned her with a few gd for a sketch of tan, and one of cupid/penny. i was pleased with the cupid/penny one, but the tan piece blew me away. she got really into it and very creative - she has a great imagination and a wonderful style. definitely recommended.

jenni/warcall - i love jenni's portraits so much. it's been a while since i've gotten one but lord she is still one of my favorite artists. she works fast, keeps in touch with you throughout the whole process, and is negotiable and wonderful overall. i think i've commissioned her for at least 4 portraits, and bought a few premades off of her.

lu/illegal - i love her art, especially her old ports before she switched dA's (that parade port was the shit). i commissioned her for a portrait of tan and i love how it turned out, however she dropped two of my commissions without notice after i waited for a few months. i'm way past that now though, and i'm actually doing some collabs with her. recommended.

lauren/thedeafpoet - i requested to do a trade, and we had never discussed a general price or anything. she went ahead and did her half of the trade and i absolutely loved it, but i never completed my half because of my lack of motivation to actually do websites. in return, i traded her medusa for payment for the cg, and i also got penelope from her. very negotiable and sweet. recommended.

maylie - really easy to work with, and a nice person. i traded her shine for a really nice portrait of tan - i've gotten countless compliments on it and i still love it even though i don't use tan very much anymore. i'm hoping to commission her again sometime. recommended.

trix - a wonderful artist. although i prefer her cg work personally, i commissioned her for a portrait of Tan that turned out beautifully! i'm not sure where she is anymore, however.

katsuu/heartkitty - i didn't commission her, but i won her kiriban for two portraits a little while back. i got one of penny, and one for my collab partner beep, and both turned out GORGEOUS. the portrait i received is the one i wear the most currently and i absolutely adore it. she's definitely recommended by far.

mynt - i didn't commission mynt, but i won a portrait from her on AFR. she's a really nice person and is very helpful, and is EXTREMELY fast. i got my portrait completed within the same night i won it, and was amazed. it's beautiful.

kenny - commissioned for lineart of penny. i had a few minor problems with the first piece i was  showed, but overall i liked it. ended up deciding to make a new piece which was fine by me, but it didn't turn out to my liking. i kept the first piece and said the second could be resold, used, etc. overall very nice and definitely recommended - very understanding!

mez - i commissioned her for penny lineart. i absolutely love her lines, they're amazing and just.. so gorgeous. i received the lines relatively quickly after i approved the sketch, and promptly paid her. very recommended!

people that've commissioned me/bought premades
krista (mortipenny) - i think this was actually one of our first commissions. she was easy to work with, although a little hard to catch online, and prompt with payment. i'd recommend her!

athena j (mortipenny) - she bought our first premade! she didn't want many edits so that was cool, and she was quick about paying and very nice.

ianz (mortipenny) - he bought our bunny premade, which we edited to fit his character and be more bat-like. quick with paying, kindasorta friend of mine (acquaintance??)

cemetery (mortipenny) - bought one of our premades, and i don't think she asked for any edits.. either way, fast with payment and is also commissioning us right now! hasn't sent info yet, and we haven't started, but i'll update this when it's done.

caesar (mortipenny) - one of my friends from my FurN.. area.. thing. he's very kind and sweet overall, and is commissioning us at the moment for a somewhat humorous portrait. ;D will be updated when complete.

jacki (mortipenny) - currently commissioning us. she messed up a little on sending info but it's a common error with the part she did wrong, so it's all good. will update once complete.

apricot (mortipenny) - commissioned us for a regular ordinary female feline port. was very easygoing and negotiable, didn't ask for much, and was easy to keep in touch with. very recommended.

fice (mortipenny) - we did a couple port for her, and i think it turned out well. she and her significant other both loved it, and they promptly paid. easy to keep in touch with and very helpful during the process.

ashlia (mortipenny) - commissioned us for not one, but two portraits! one for dalius, and one for ashlia. she took a little while to pay for the dalius portrait, but that was absolutely fine with us. we're currently finishing the ashlia portrait (actually as i type this), but she likes what she's seen so far. she's very easy to keep in touch with, very negotiable, and kind. definitely recommended.

mika (mortipenny) - i feel horrible about this commission because i took a very very long time to stop giving her excuses. the way beep drew it made it difficult for me to figure out how to shade it, so in the end i paid beep 4 of the 6gd that mika had given me (i had shaded part of the port but not most) so she would finish it. mika was VERY understanding and kind throughout the entire process and everything and i would ABSOLUTELY recommend her. im still so sorry.

digital love/sadil (mortipenny) - bought one of my favorite premades from us. very quick and painless process!

fuhnora (mortipenny) - i love her right now, really. i really do. she's commissioning us for 2 portraits at the moment, and already paid due to my request. i had her buy me 1GB of RAM off of ebay for our full commission price ($24), and gave beep her half in GD since she doesn't have paypal. all is well and i'm expecting the RAM soon. i'll update this on the portrait part when they're completed!

secure - commissioned me for 6gd (i think??) to shade lines that they bought from ale. i got it done relatively quickly and was paid beforehand, and they were happy with it. all's well!
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Re: penny's reviews!
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You'd better be recommending me. ):< <3

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Re: penny's reviews!
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You'd better be recommending me. ):< <3

you sound threatening ma'am.. ):

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Re: penny's reviews!
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You'd better be recommending me. ):< <3

you sound threatening ma'am.. ):

Don't I always?

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Re: penny's reviews!
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Re: penny's reviews!
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Re: penny's reviews!
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Re: penny's reviews!
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Re: penny's reviews!
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OMG what did i do wrong? O.O

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Re: penny's reviews!
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OMG what did i do wrong? O.O

lol ive been trying to whisper you about it #SC
whisper me??

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Re: penny's reviews!
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i shud b in bold cas im the best kkkk

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Re: penny's reviews!
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Does gift art count?