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Author Topic: ... Your opinion?  (Read 1045 times)

Offline Kallexie

... Your opinion?
«: November 24, 2008, 10:29:55 PM»

Okay, my dA is here. Could someone critique my portraits and patches? I wanna know how I can improve my art, make it more attractive to others and also if I'm good enough to start selling 'em. Hehe.


Offline Skink

Re: ... Your opinion?
«Reply #1: November 25, 2008, 04:46:11 AM»
I would not start commissions just yet. You're working from a good base it seems. Some of your portraits are showing a good grasp  on shading. But there are very few examples, very few subjects, and very few changes between them all. Two of your wolves are profile shots, the other a near profile, the horse is even a profile, and on the human a lot of her face is hidden. There is nothing but neck and head, no body. You have to not only be able to tackle commission requests of any pose or angle, body included, but you have to be able to PROVE you can do these things. Your word, however nice or trustable you may be, will not be enough to satisfy someone and have them pay you for possibly unsatisfactory results. Part of being ready isn't just having the technical skills, it's having the proof. The hidden face human will make somebody think you were covering her because you can't draw faces. The constant headshots and profile angles speak more volumes than you might expect. They say, with so few examples to choose from, that this is all you can do.

You are definetly not a bad artist and you could do this very well if you worked at it, but for now I would keep your doors closed as far as commissions go. Offer freebies to friends or work on personal portraits, even if you don't expect them to be used. Challenge yourself. Make sure the next portrait you do is not like the last one you did. And I don't just mean making them fluffy or giving them different markings. Change the shot, the position of the body, the angle you see the face at, the side you see them from. Change the background and how they interact with it. Change the species. These things will not only teach you more about getting a portrait right every time no matter what is asked of you, it will also show people looking for an artist that you can do all of those things, so you can probably do what they want.

As for critiques on the artwork itself.. always keep in mind that shading defines two things at once: shape and texture. Never just one or the other. Also, I suggest using your own pets, if you have any, and photographs as a refrence. You might be aiming for cartoony but you still seem to be relatively early in your drawing style stages. On the canines the lower jaw seems too far back, the nose a flat triangle instead of a nose, and the head absent of fluff like a dogs with, suddenly, a very fluffy neck. You also choose to either texture it as fur or try to shade it according to a shape instead of remembering every part is furry, and even fur is shaded. This is pretty universal in all the canines you have there, so it's easy to tell it's a habit you will have to work on breaking. The horse's shading seems incomplete by usual standards. There is no shading. Don't expect for that to pass forever. Never be afraid to go darker or lighter. The human, the hat seems to have conflicting shading, with a shadow for no reason on the front and a fully lit brim, yet the back still seems lit and the face beneath has all the light it needs. Try to pick a universal light source. It's very effective in pulling off, well....effects! Also, try to never outline lips or collar bones in black. It might seem necessary, but that's because it's something you have to teach yourself not to do, like breaking a bad habit. Use shading to define their shapes instead of lines. As for your patches I can't help to much other than the same texture and shape shading and remembering a light source...I do very, VERY few items myself so I can't really say much!

I hope that helped. Remember change takes time, and not to get discouraged. You only get back what you put in, and you don't seem to be starting from ground zero!

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Re: ... Your opinion?
«Reply #2: November 27, 2008, 02:03:21 PM»

Oh, that helped so much. You really got right to the point, but you were also very encouraging. Thank you!