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Author Topic: Get Your Art In A Gallery!  (Read 666 times)

Offline Safiye

Get Your Art In A Gallery!
«: November 28, 2008, 12:31:42 AM»
Not sure what forum this should go in, but this seems like the best fit.

Some time ago I had a small gallery that showcased work from Furcadian artists. I am in the process of revitalizing the dream, and preparing a new show. If you would like your work showcased in the reopening, now is your chance.

How It Works
The image you give me will be cropped, resized and skewed so that it can be hung in a frame on a furcadian wall. That means I'll be tweaking it until it looks correct in furcadian's isometric view. Because of the severe size contraints it often means that I will choose a small section of the picture to show in the frame, such as just the face from a full body image.

But never fear! When a furre stands in front of the framed picture, they will be shown a view of the entire picture, and if you wish, provided a link to the original image on your site; This can mean a lot of extra traffic to your personal commissions website!

Full color images are preferred and will get first consideration for wall space, but black and white sketches will also be considered. CG or traditional media, doesn't matter.

To Enter Your Artwork For Consideration, I Need:

1. The Title
2. The Character you want Credited (You must own this character in Furcadia!)
3. A link associated with the image. It can be a link to your deviantart, your special commissions website, or just a link to the image on photobucket
4. The original image, of course.

All images must be rated G or PG-13.

There are no particular requirements for quality, but it must be clear that some effort has gone into the image. MS-paint stick figures will probably not be seen as serious entries.

Try to make sure your scans are of the best quality possible, when submitting traditional media images.

Art that is somehow furcadian or anthro themed will take precedence, but humans and other images are welcome too. Just so long as they are produced by artists who play Furcadia!

Please be aware that after the gallery opens, I will check regularly to make sure the link I was provided still work. If they are found to be broken, your image will be removed from the gallery without notice. So please, keep me updated if you decide to move your site to somewhere else!

You may submit more than one image, but if too many furres want to display their images in the gallery at once, your best or most interesting submission out of all of them will be selected and the rest discarded, or held on to for possible use in future shows.

If the image was originally produced for someone else, I.E., a gift or a commission, please make sure that the recipient is comfortable with the work being redisplayed as an art piece.

The gallery will not reopen until roughly christmas. That gives you a full month to get your submissions ready and get them in! There will be room for about 90 images, which will hopefully be enough room for everyone to participate. If for some reason there isn't room for your picture this time, or you can't get your submission in on time, images will be periodically rotated to allow for the most amount of art and artists to be showcased.

Fine Print
All artists will retain their individual copy rights to all images.

Any image you submit must be 100% your own work. No tracing.

Any image that is submitted that is later found to be, or suspected of being, stolen or traced, will immediately be removed from the gallery until proof has been furnished one way or another.

You are giving me permission to display your image in the furcadian gallery, and to crop and/or resize the image for viewing in a furcadian context, but will be given the opportunity to provide a link to the original image hosted on your own site for those visitors who want to see more.

Images accepted might not be displayed forever. They may be removed from the collection to make way for other artists, or they may be temporarily taken out of rotation and redisplayed again in a later show unless the artist requests their permanent removal.

Looking forward to working with you!