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Author Topic: Adielle's Reviews  (Read 1218 times)

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Adielle's Reviews
«: December 06, 2008, 12:20:37 AM»

Bree/Banda/Aria | Halothane on Deviantart | Danielle is a wonderful artist, I adore all her work.  I've commissioned quite a few pieces in the past, all of which turned out gorgeous.  Even if something does come up in her life, she is always willing to do everything to please her commissioners.  Such a sweety, she's given me a handful of free sketches just because she felt a month was too long of a wait before.

Seelie | Oswald-mun on Deviantart | Not only is she a great friend, she's a begining artist striving to better herself.  She's definitely grown a lot since when I first met her and I'm so proud of how far she's come.  She's wonderful to commission.  She'll try her hardest to get teh character to look how you want it, she has a very high standard for herself, and often is too hard on herself.  Definitely someone to commission if you want a gorgeous piece of artwork for a steal of a price, not to mention, she tends to be rather fast as well.

Mythi | rlMiller on Deviantart | Becca is not only a sweety, but a wonderful person to commission.  Her art is lovely and she tends to be fairly fast.  I love seeing my characters in her style.  <3

Savannah | Savannah Horrocks on DA | Savannah isn't a furcadia, but her art is definitely something to check out if you haven't watched her already.  I've commissioned this wonderful gal a total of 19 times and ever single piece I've had done by her is absolutely gorgeous.  She takes everything you tell ehr about the character intop account and does some wonderful work.  It can take her a little long to get pieces mailed, but its definitely worth the wait when it arrives.  Definitely a good person to commission.

C-D | C-D on Deviantart | Another non-furcadian, but amazing work non-the-less.  The piece she painted for me was awe inspiring.  Not only was she wonderful at giving updates on the piece, but her work looks effortless and beyond words.  Unfortunately she no longer has the piece displayed in her gallery, but its definitely by far my favorite piece ever done of Alexandrine and my husband's old character (who's the eagle).  Its proudly displayed in my room in the US at the moment and hopefully going to be shipped to Australia soon.  Its roughly three feet wide and two feet tall.  Expensive, but worth every penny.

Ionen | Ionen on Deviantart | Another non-furcadian, but again, wonderful.  I'm sure many of you have heard of this name.  Ionen is very good about showing progress and the work is gorgeous once their finished.  You know for sure if you pay for art your going to get your dollars worth.

Clockwork | Quite a while back I commissioned Clockwork for two pieces, one was a single of one of my oldest characters and the other was a couple picture of my husband's gryffe character and my character.  Both turned out beautiful.  I love Clockwork's style and he's so easy-going and nice to talk to.  His work is beautiful and unique and his prices arn't too high, definitely someone I'd recommend to anyone in the future.

Kyandara (Gaia username) | A non-furc artist who's become a friend of mine on gaia.  Amazing, original art style.  She mainly works B&W, but the details are astounding!  Definitely worth commissioning if you have the money (she can be a bit expensive), but its definitely worth it, she puts a lot of detail and time into her work.

Happyknot | ESG on Deviantart | You can find her shop here in the character commission section.  Some of the most beautiful B&W work I've seen in a long long time.  Her couple pictures are absolutely amazing and she proves through her work how much she knows of anatomy, everything just falls into place perfectly.  She's wonderful with both anthros and humans alike and her backgrounds are well drawn (not sure about ferals, you'd have to ask her).  She's a fast worker, shows you every step of the way, offering you a chance to have edits made as she goes.  She's a sweetheart and definitely knows how to be professional in the art world.  If you want a piece of art you know you'll like for a steal of a price, you should definitely go check her out.  <3

(there will be more added shortly)

Commissioned By:

Johnny | Lololover on Deviantart | Definitely one of my best commissioners.  She's a pleasure to work for.  She's commissioned me for quite a few pieces in the past and even during a time of hiatus she's stuck by me.  I'm glad she's been happy with the finished products.  This girl definitely deserves some love.  One of the best commissioners I've ever had.

Lovedoll | Lovecube on Deviantart | A wonderful commissioner.  Provided plenty of references and details on her character, easy going, prompt with payment.  Stuper easy and fun to work with; hope to get her again!

(I'll add the rest later)

Lovely Artists I've had the pleasure to draw for or be drawn by

Mystica | Sesruc on Deviantart | Absolutely a pleasure to both draw for and be drawn by.  Her art is gorgeous, she's such a friendly and so mature!  Its rather refreshing to see some like her on furc adn DA these days.  Wonderful person and definitely an awesome person to commission if you want beautiful artwork.  <3

Eevee | Eeveesama on Deviantart | Never had the pleasure of being drawn by her yet, but Eevee's characters are all so adorable.  I loved drawing Trixy and really hope to draw a few more sometime down the road (probably once the holidays are over :p)

(I'll add more later)

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Re: Adielle's Reviews
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d'aww thank you for the heartfelt review
i must add you sometime when i get off my lazy ass and update my own thread  ;)

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Re: Adielle's Reviews
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Goodbye my Sunshine, for we are but smoke and ash...

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Re: Adielle's Reviews
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You mentioned me!!! <3 Although I'm not Seelie anymore hee. This needs updating when you gets time!

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Re: Adielle's Reviews
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jeez i had no idea you'd reviewed me, haha

thanks so much for the kind words!