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Author Topic: Clove's Reviews  (Read 787 times)

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Clove's Reviews
«: December 06, 2008, 07:51:35 PM»
People I was Commissioned By

Fyrar || Though she was a nice girl to work with and talk to but she didn’t pay me in three weeks. And it felt like she kept giving me excuses as to why she didn’t pay for what she commissioned. Currently going to put the port up for auction.

Madame Tarantula || lovely person to work with they were very compliant and they paid right when they got the port. They were easy to talk to and extremely nice. I’d like to work with them again soon if I could.

Capricia || She was very lovely to work with, she gave me all the information that was needed to make her art look grrrreat! And she paid in a timely fashion as well. I'd like to work with her again.

People I have commissioned.

Ronney/Fuu Fai || I paid in gaia items and she was very quick and efficient about doing her port for Bio. Very understanding and nice to me :>

Paprika || Pending, I am waiting for my turn :>

Art Trades:

Tooth || at the time she was moving all over the place so I had to wait a while but it was completely worth it. She was extremely nice to me when I did inquire about it multiples of times and that I hope to do another trade with her again someday.

Shinnamon || She doesn’t play furcadia and we did an art trade where she drew my character Sonya if I drew her character Myhre. She was extremely understanding when it took me forever to complete her half and she was very nice.

Foux (on DevArt) || Took forever but I am glad that I did it

Jungtung (on Devart) || omfg my bestfriend ever <3 we have done like a shit load of art things for each other.

Clint/Gilbert || They were nice to me and made a extremely wonderful port of Hoodie’s new form. I know I could have been a little bit friendlier towards them than being horrendously shy which makes me business/cold like.

People that I have been drawn by.

Mythi || She was super sweet about making Biopsy a free port, and I am super glad that she did make me one for free. <3333

Ukai || She has done multiple fan arts of Vinzent and Sebastjan as well as ports. She is fun and a positive person to be around. She nailed my characters dead on and I feel extremely blessed to get a ton of art.

Paprika || She drew an awesome realistic Sonya for me; she is a big sweety pie.

Shaun/Aejay || Drew a picture of Biopsy <33333333

Star – Sprinkles || Doesn’t play furcadia either but drew a freebie of Sonya <3

Melaleuca || I don’t know if she plays furcadia or not but she drew a good picture of Sonya <33

Ruben/Canvas/Atreau || <333 did a port of Biopsy lovely lovely girl.

Rien || <3 wonderfull and sketchy bee and hoodie arts.

Speckledjiiz/Jiiz (on Devart) || drew a ton of Hoodie’s before Hoodie had a design change. :> (I some times miss that design)

Hito/ Marugo || Also drew a lot of pre blond hair/leopard spotted Hoodie’s for me.

Dirtybrownpaper (on Devart) || <3 a super old picture but still a goodie.

Ely/Paopu/Dora || Drew a super cute picture of Dora and Paolo.

People I have drawn for.

Ukai || I tried to draw Romiette (that was fail) and I have drawn Scold :>

Marugo || I have drawn Marugo, Evil Marugo and Hito multiples of times.

Rein || I drew her old fursona on paintchat with her

Dirtybrownpaper || I have been drawing Cait Sidhe a lot with Tsurara.

Jiiz || <3 drew her twinnies

Ephraim || I always draw my sweet little flyin squirrel.

Jungtung || Before she changed her character Lluvia i drew her alot.

Jenkin || lovelovelovelove she is using the port and that makes me happy

Goya || her character was alot of fun. srsly
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