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Author Topic: Clay figures of your character :>  (Read 1058 times)

Offline Pocketmew

Clay figures of your character :>
«: December 12, 2008, 03:46:10 PM»
I just wanted to try this out since I've done it in the past and people seemed to like them. Each figure is about 3 inches or less (unless you want it bigger) And made out of modeling clay.



3inches or less- 8$
MY hand size ( I have small hands :P) - 10$
Any bigger- 15-20$ depending on the size and cost of materials. Meaning, if I have to buy a new thing of claw that is only for your character it would cost the amount of the clay plus about 5$ extra. Just pm me if you want a big one so bad, we can work it out.

I CAN ship them to you, I live in Texas, so you calculate how long shipping will take :P I may charge you for shipping and handling if it is too expensive for me.

I can also take a picture of it for you if you don't want it shipped.

Ferals and anthros are the easiest for this, so if you request one expect a better product.
If your character is too detailed I will pm you. You may have to leave out some details.
Please don't hassle me on when it will get done. It should get done in a week or so, but if I run out of clay it takes me awhile to get more.
If you pay first, your figure gets done first. Otherwise I'll show you it half done before I start mixing colors, if you like pay half and I'll finish it. Pay the rest after I'm done.

NOTE: The reference picture is OLLLD yours will be alot better than those.

Alright, thats about it. :> Hopefully I'll get some commissions! Woo


Offline Eevee

Re: Clay figures of your character :>
«Reply #1: December 12, 2008, 11:48:23 PM»
Awe cute xD I do clay stuff as well :3

Is that Polymer clay?

Offline Pocketmew

Re: Clay figures of your character :>
«Reply #2: December 13, 2008, 06:50:29 PM»
I have polymer and just regular modeling clay x3 Polymer is my baby though I hide it >w> I also have porcelain

Offline Aubrey The Cat

Re: Clay figures of your character :>
«Reply #3: March 06, 2009, 09:41:34 PM»
Lol I live in Texas too and Ill think about it.

Offline Drache-Lehre

Re: Clay figures of your character :>
«Reply #4: March 14, 2009, 11:45:28 PM»
Aww these are so cute! I used to make things out of clay and playdough tooo. Had to let that go tho. ; ;
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