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Author Topic: FURRIESSS  (Read 13452 times)

Offline Jenni

«: December 18, 2008, 07:29:46 PM»
this topic subject is FURRIES  ::)

so i've noticed the overwhelming fact that people are ashamed of furries!! or at least put them down wicked bad when they themselves have/had furry characters and play a game called FURCADIA which is chock full of lil furry cretin. then there comes the drawing part. are you ashamed of drawing furries??

i admit it is kinda weird when drawing them in public so i usually tend to draw humans in open, but when i draw lil furries i hunch over that shit and hide it because i don't want people coming over (and it has happened) going WATS THAT!! but i'm not too big in hiding it from my family because my computer is right in the middle of the room so every can see what im drawing. :~( i even tried to get my mom to draw furries because shes a gr8 artist and shes always looking for ways to make money...

anyway i just wanna know why you all are ashamed to the point that you must poke fun at the subject manner. not that i'm some sort of FURRY ENFORCER but that it gets kind of annoying when people are like LOL FURFAGS XDD when by god they are one too!

IDFK i am just putting my thoughts into text that no one but me will care about good day to you. #SK


Offline Azula

«Reply #1: December 18, 2008, 07:40:31 PM»
people are just ashamed of themselves. *eyerollf*

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«Reply #2: December 18, 2008, 07:48:34 PM»

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Offline Anarchy

«Reply #4: December 18, 2008, 08:52:53 PM»
Idk, I think it is a bit embarassing. I don't have a major issue with furries, but it is weird to be grouped with them because it's just such a weird thing... I mean wanting/pretending to be an animal that's sorta the thing you grow out of when you're a kid. People are too quick to group everyone who plays furc/draws anthropomorphic animals as furries, when I've found that is usually NOT the case. Most of the time it is kids, just being kids and using their imagination. Hell I didn't know what a furry was when I started playing furcadia, I just thought it was really neat and fun. Other times it's people like you and me, bored with nothing better to do.

I think that furries are laughable, I tend to find humor in everything, and I even laugh at myself for playing furcadia. It seems like such a silly thing to me.

I also think that furries are often associated with weird sex and... other things lol, which they may or may not actually be associated with. It's easy to be embarassed because the fact is, it's strange. I think the issue is with people looking in and being judgemental, seeing it, and anyone who might be related to it, as shameful and disgusting.
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«Reply #5: December 18, 2008, 09:03:32 PM»
i openly draw em and people around me don't go WTFEWQUEER.

Offline Eevee

«Reply #6: December 18, 2008, 09:21:12 PM»
Almost everything in my dA has been furry art since I joined dA back in Feb 2003, and that was before I even joined Furcadia lmao. I don't care what other people say, I love drawing the tails and the markings and the colorsssss... I'd say species but most of my characters are either feline or lapine #SK.

The only issue is, almost everyone who has heard of furries only know the dark, sex-craving yiff orgies that apparently go on and automatically group EVERYONE into that section without thinking "hey, maybe this person isn't into that." Either that or we all get grouped with.. SONIC THE HEDGEHOG.

I'm not embarrassed, but I sure do get annoyed.

Offline Hugo

«Reply #7: December 18, 2008, 09:45:34 PM»
Ah, glittering generalities..

Furry characters, in and of themselves, are fine. But the furry fandom (like every other fandom on the planet) DESTROYS any self-supporting image they may have had.

For example, say you think dog people look cool so you roleplay one on the internet with friends. Well guess what, someone else also plays a dog person only they happen to have a ten foot barbed penis and like to dress up as their character IRL.

Furry fandom is what drives people away just like Harry Potter fandom, InuYasha, Jesus Christ, Republican, Democrat, Satanist, and cheese (these exist) fandoms. None of those things are inherently evil or embarassing, but masses of people have effectively ruined them for almost everyone.

Offline Drug

«Reply #8: December 18, 2008, 10:09:13 PM»
i openly draw em and people around me don't go WTFEWQUEER.

Same. In fact it's pretty opposite. I think they're more attracted to my character's shiney weapon tho. :3

I don't see what's so bad seeing as people draw anime/cat girls all the time. It's just adding in fur. /shrug. I know that's not everyone's style, but if the drawing looks cool enough, the chances it'll be judged in that sense are slim to none.

Offline Mredria

«Reply #9: December 18, 2008, 10:15:49 PM»
My brother and I are furries. My other brother says "Isn't that like saying what kind of porn you like?"
People just don't understand.
---I apologize---

Offline Heimdall

«Reply #10: December 18, 2008, 10:28:59 PM»
I think that all groups have people on the fringe who are the crazy extreme ones that everyone judges the entire group on. Furries, religious groups, etc.

That being said this is FURcadia and I do think it's weird that we have furry-haters on the game, though I'm sure they're here because they've found a niche of some kind.
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Offline Dolly

«Reply #11: December 19, 2008, 12:02:51 AM»
I started drawing animal people when I was like 4 because I loved dogs and thought it was a brilliant idea to draw them standing upright and wearing sunglasses.

no, i'm not joking.  will find and scan an old picture later because they're hilarious

but i considered them just that, animal people

i think the difference in people who are ass deep in the furry fandom, and people who draw regular old furries is that people in the fandom get turned on by furry characters because they're animals

the stigma is, since you draw anthropomorphic characters you're obviously turned on sexually by them.  which is silly

i enjoy drawing both humans and furries, but not because i get my socks off like that.  and the furry community is also one of the biggest art communities as far as commissions go, so it's a very decent way to make money

pls excuse my awful typing atm im heavily medicated

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«Reply #12: December 19, 2008, 09:20:14 AM»
Personally, I'm not a furry. But because I draw furry art, most automatically assume that. It's not like there's anything wrong with it and I've met the most amazing hilarious people from furcadia. I still joke around and say furfagia alot but it's not like I actually hate furries/think it's stupid. Ever go on youtube and look up videos and documentaries about furries? It ALWAYS shows fat creepy people who are perverted and wear rabbit ears on their head and say "yiff" or "scritch" every 5 seconds.
I think the difference between just liking to draw animal people and being a furry is that the people who are furries get turned on by the drawings/want to actually be an anthro. The farthest I'd go is thinking it would be kinda cool to have a tail.

Offline Sedde

«Reply #13: December 19, 2008, 10:05:10 AM»
The farthest I'd go is thinking it would be kinda cool to have a tail.


I don't usually draw them in public, but if my friends catch me doing a redline or working on a port in my room it's no biggie. They're very intrigued, all like "OOH WHAT'S THAT" instead of "YOU SICK BASTARD"

Though my friend Dave has a ball teasing me about it, it's cool. He made up his own furry: Octavius the basket-weaving sloth/moth.

It's not really all that bad -- I just don't like associating with the HARDXXXCORE furries that wank to their pets.

Offline Belgium

«Reply #14: December 19, 2008, 11:05:26 AM»
Personally, I have liked and drawn furries long before I even knew what they were. There are countless children's movies and cartoons where the main characters are essentially furries. Look at Bugs Bunny and the Disney version of Robin Hood.

I think Hugo hit the nail on the head. In a general sense, there's nothing wrong with furries or Inuyasha or any of the other fandoms he listed; its just the fans that drive everyone batshit and give a bad image.

That's why I don't get why people go to Furry cons and dress up and hold up signs that are all "OMG FURSECUTION" because IMHO, that's taking it too far. You're not an animal IRL and you're only making the furry fandom look more deranged when you go to extreme measures to achieve "equality".

I myself am not a furry, though I think they're fucking cute and there are so many wonderful artists and wonderful people in general in the furry community. I'm not ashamed to be part of the furry community, though in general, I try not to draw furries and leave them around the house. My mother is one of those "OMG ALL ANIME IS PORN AND FURRIES ARE PEOPLE WHO LIKE TO FUCK ANIMALS" type of people.
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Offline coo

«Reply #15: December 19, 2008, 04:21:23 PM»
the same way everyone thinks all pedophiles are child molesters and all child molesters are pedophiles.
all people who draw anthros are into furry sex and all people into furry sex draw anthros.

my mentor thinks furries all want to have sex with animals

Offline Nikki-Knack

«Reply #16: December 19, 2008, 07:51:31 PM»
I ain't ashamed. Only time when I was embarrassed was when I was on a plane, and some old lady next to me wanted to see my sketchbook. I wasn't ashamed of the furries part, because hey, she was an old lady, probably didn't know there was an entire fandom about it -- I did, however, forget about the "I WILL KILL YOUR FAMBLY" picture and the one of Nikki flipping the bird. c:

Story aside, what is it exactly that makes a furry, a furry? Is there a borderline between "someone who likes to draw anthros" and someone who's a full-blown furry? There's suiting and art and the "animal trapped in a human body," and everything in-between. Thing is, like everyone else has been saying, people get the shaft for even drawing anthros and people jump at the chance to accuse them of bestiality or being sex-crazy.
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Offline Hugo

«Reply #17: December 19, 2008, 09:13:56 PM»
Oh, and everyone loves a cat girl.
Actually, I hate cat girls. I also hate cat boys and dog boys not simply for what they are, but because they've become the most generic, overdone furry characters in the hostory of the entire world. More often than not, they're also poorly designed which matches their inherent lack of individuality.

Offline Belgium

«Reply #18: December 20, 2008, 02:29:40 PM»
I totally agree, Hugo. That and 95% of people who RP them are skanks.

Offline Hugo

«Reply #19: December 21, 2008, 01:27:23 AM»
Would you like your internet now or later?
Dial-up please.

Offline r i l e y

«Reply #20: December 22, 2008, 04:36:53 PM»
Hugo.. Oh gosh I wish I knew what to say other than you absolutely win.
But yeah, I never knew what a furre was either until Furc. I admit when I first joined I was maybe.. 11 or such? My first ever "job" at a dream was at some dream in FurN, which makes me LOL today because surprisingly back then there were genuine people, not just huge dicked manhorse characters and whatnot.. Or maybe I was too retarded to realize they were all around me, I dunno. But regardless, my first -fursona- character had ears and a tail; Humanesque other than that. And simply because it was awkward RPing a human on Furc. :l
Now my current fursona is only furreesque because personally, I connected my personalities with an animal and thought it would be fun to make a design based around said animal and creating a character around that. I'm yet to claim that I AM said animal, or that I AM that character, but that my ideals clicked WITH said animal and bam-- character.
I'm going to Anthrocon to help promote a particular comic book sale actually. Just like how anime conventions have cosplaying, furre conventions have fursuiters. Myself; I wont be in a fursuit, haha. Good luck finding me in one. However to connect with the atmosphere around me, I'm wearing ears. Big whoop. But unlike a friend I know IRL who goes by "Whiskers" and wears a cat tail 24/7 in public.. I'm wearing them simply because it's a convention.
I've got friends who admit they are furres. As for myself-- I'm human. I like being human. I don't think I'd ever change that for the world yayyayyayyy

Offline Hollen

«Reply #21: December 27, 2008, 04:45:07 AM»
I'm a furre, it doesn't  mean you're sexually attracted to animals though. I worked as a kids mascot so the idea or appeal of having sex... in those, plus that fact that it just kind of blows my mind makes me butt heads with the over opinionated 'this fandom is for sex' furries. To be honest thery're blown out of proportion, I go to a bunch of the cons to see my friends and the weirdest most 'racey' thing that happened to me was me thinking a girl was hitting on me when referring to my ferret as a carpet shark. Going to my first one I was expecting a mass of socially awkward sexual deviants. Instead I met a slew of 16-30 year old's who wanted to draw, watch movies, drink a bit and go out to dinner in groups. There are always those few morons who screw up a good thing but 90 percent and cool and harmless people. A lot of cool people show up at the conventions, the Beetlegeuse from I think Universal goes to a bunch of them and he's awesome as well as a lot of chill artists. As much as it's fun to snark at the absurdity of furrie's most of them are mundane and normal.

I was a lot more put off by an Anime con in NY, Shatner looked like he wanted to end himself.

Offline Sapphirus

«Reply #22: December 29, 2008, 05:14:32 PM»
I get too touchy of calling any of my characters "furries" because it sounds cheesy and weak, I prefer Humanoid or anthros.

I'm mostly into human with dragon/etc animalistic based characters anyway.

Offline Lovedoll

«Reply #23: January 03, 2009, 11:30:25 PM»
Uhm.. I am what I am, and if some shitbag can't be bothered to understand that and judges me based on what I like then I'm not even going to bother being offended over it. So not worth my effort.


«Reply #24: January 06, 2009, 02:16:43 AM»
My friend and I consider ourselves furries, but some other people who are deeper into the 'fandom' than us, may not. I leave it to them to make the call, but I do consider myself one.

He's more on the deviant side than I am, but he's also a teenage boy full of confusion, so I sort of expect it. I feel a very strong connection to the animal my character is; a ferret.  I don't let it interfere with my life, but there are times when I really feel a stronger connection to my 'furry' side than my human.

Others see the fandom as a Peter Pan Complex sort of thing, where the person doesn't want to grow up. For some people, I'm sure this is a true statement, but I know that's not the case with me. I'm accepting all my adult responsibilities, and actually having a lot of fun with that.

I think depending on the furry you speak to, you'll have several different answers on what furry really is.  The only sure thing about it is that it involves animal connectivity.  For me, it's having similar characteristics to the animal.  To some, it's becoming to the animal.  To others, it's being with the animal.

I will say that not all furries are sexually deviant sickos that some people make them out to be. (However, a lot of them that are deny it).  I know I'm not (and it's not denial, ask anyone).  I'm just a regular teenage kid, I just happen to picture myself as a furry more often than human sometimes.

So... furries: Like any other fanbase/cult/group/religion, there are the people who accept it into their lives and RESPECT it, and then there are others who are rabid zealots ready to convert/shun anyone who's not part of their idealistic vision on what it is they're a part of.