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Author Topic: Possible New Character Design? ;3  (Read 644 times)

Offline Anevay

Possible New Character Design? ;3
«: December 23, 2008, 04:45:51 AM»
Just did this and thought I kinda liked it, I suppose.
She's obviously going to be started off as a wee widdle lass. ^o^
I still need a cute and fitting name for her. ;___;
But I am not very good at alt-marketing. -__-
It's going, though. I should find the close-to-perfect one soon. P;

Critique is welcome. =}
Though keep away from the wings and the tail's position.
I'm already aware of those mistakes. xD Need more practice at wings, myself. ;P

So feel free. Will be coloring this whenever I find the means to do so.
Which reminds me- Color suggestions are welcome!
Heck, you could even color it yourself if you'd like.
All suggestions will be seriously considered- and my love to you if I reeeaalllyy like your color suggestion. 8D <33