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Author Topic: feral dog  (Read 954 times)

Offline bowlegged

feral dog
«: December 23, 2008, 01:22:38 PM»

Something looks awkward, i mean it looks fat but then the tail is wrong, and maybe the head? D: horrorr. I like it's position but anything can help really.


Offline Jade Ravenwing

Re: feral dog
«Reply #1: December 23, 2008, 01:58:10 PM»
For one the tail looks like it was chopped off and a stiff and short cat tail was sewn on in its place. xD They're either medium-length and whip-like, long and whip-like, short and stubby, or fluffy like a wolves tail. A husky's tail is fluffy but curves over its back.

The muzzle is a bit too pointed and it would have a big overbite. Noses on a dog are more like buttons squished onto the end of their muzzles, not sharp pointy objects.

See? Giant button nose.

The ear on the far side of the head looks like it's growing out of its forehead some, try making it skinnier or facing backwards like the other ear is.

Its body looks like a bag of fluff really... try giving more shape to it. A back, a butt, a chest and shoulders.

Otherwise you have a very good base to work from. :3

(If that all came out as a bit harsh sorry D:)

Offline bowlegged

Re: feral dog
«Reply #2: December 24, 2008, 12:16:42 PM»
this helps so much i'll fix it and post a wip, and nope no harshness <3

Offline Colbie

Re: feral dog
«Reply #3: December 24, 2008, 10:15:17 PM»
I will have to disagree with some of what Jade said. Noses are in some ways much like balls smashed on the ends of their noses. They are not flat at all, although they are not pointy. They are rounded and a nice extension of the muzzle. Much like a tail is an extension of the spine - therefore not looking like it's coming out of its butt - a nose is an extension of the muzzle, not upturned nor looking like it's coming out of its mouth.

The nose bridge of canines are not indented. The nose is a straight bridge from the corner of the eye down to the nose. I can think of a few exceptions where it is convex, such as a Bull Terrier, Borzoi or the odd mutt, but never concave (some dogs may have a very very slight concave shape to their nose but it's unlikely) unless the dog has a skull deformation.
The eye may need to be moved over a few pixels to the left. But once you fix the muzzle, it may look fine and you may not have to, so you can judge that yourself.
On the topic of skulls, I'm not sure of the breed but not very many large breed dogs have domed skulls. If you are aiming for a smaller breed of dog, the topskull looks good, but if you are aiming for a larger breed, you may want to flatten it slightly on top.

Unless your character is meant to have an overbite, pull the lower jaw forward until it is slightly shorter than the upper jaw. The lower jaw should not be the same length as the upper jaw though, or else said canine would have an underbite.

As for the ear that Jade Ravenwing pointed out, I think it could look better if you make it point up like this /\ but not backwards.

Also, I would advise against adding shoulders or a butt. The dog simply is not far away enough to even begin showing a butt, and the breastbone would be positioned near the bottom of the portrait, so to try and squish in shoulders and legs and a chest and all that on the port that would not show that on the scale that it is would make the dog look grossly deformed.

Hope this helps, I'd like to see the finished product. :D