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Author Topic: Advice please <3  (Read 650 times)

Offline Pocketmew

Advice please <3
«: January 04, 2009, 11:12:43 PM»
Alright I want serious answers and no trolling or rudeness please.

Now I was browsing various art sites and the "You're not ready to commission" thread in in depth forum. I was wondering if I am set to do commissions. I really don't know myself, because most people I talk to are like "I WANT MEW ARTZ1!1!! o wow ur good" Yet, I don't seem to get commissions. I think they're just doing that because they're being nice.

I would like some heavy crits on my artwork and how to improve. I keep having a problem where I will sketch out a drawing and think "OH! This looks so perfect" But when I put it into ports it just seems...bleah...or subpar to me. Or when I go back to a drawing 1 week ago or less it looks so awful to me!

How can I improve. And am I actually a good artist, or am I stuck in newbie art.


Offline markiee

Re: Advice please <3
«Reply #1: January 05, 2009, 01:22:19 PM»
k so. i love you.  and i adore your art >:0

i can't find anything to critique you on with your larger art.  cept like, the head in proportion to the body which is sort of a style choice.

but in your ports the shading doesn't always blend well to me.

i hate my old work too.  i'm pretty sure that's a sign of improvement.  and you're definitely not stuck in newbie art LOL.

stay fabulous.
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