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Author Topic: THREE unique writing contests-- WINRARS POSTED  (Read 2954 times)

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THREE unique writing contests-- WINRARS POSTED
«: January 05, 2009, 06:34:26 PM»
Thanks to everyone who entered! We got tons of entries that I loved and I'll be contacting people personally about using nonwinning entries in our continuity. I'll also be contacting the winners about their prizes!

What's the Story? contest

Species Contest
Lucas Royal's tudboc

Landmark Contest
Eldred's Blackstone Trident

The entries are written out, so I won't post them here for space's sake, just the names/titles. If anyone is curious, these three winning entries are posted later in this thread! They'll also be on our website along with the others I'm adding to the cont.

Thanks again!!


Hello hello! It's time to bring in some new blood to my dream, Northkeep. Northkeep is a strict fantasy RP guild with a very specific continuity/setting. It was a fortress built into a mountain chain on the Isle of Etla, though a semi-recent IC event has relocated it to a distant island that has come to be known as the Northern Edge. With new land comes new opportunity for worldbuilding... that's where you come in!

Our Guild Website!

I'm hosting three separate contests here. Here are brief descriptions. There's more detail below!

What's the Story?
Write a backstory for a certain piece of art I made for the dream--a gigantic white pelt.

Creation: Species
Design a species native to the Northern Edge.

Creation: Landmark
Design a small landmark or geological feature on the Northern Edge.

- You may enter each contest as many times as you'd like. You can win both of them as well. But if I add second and third prizes, you'll only be able to place once in each contest.
- If I don't use your designs/backstories/etc, you may ALTER them so they have nothing to do with Northkeep, the Northern Edge, or Etla, then reuse them.
- Entries that break the continuity will be disqualified, sorry. You can read all about the continuity on our site. Though it's not required that you check it out, you might break something and get disqualified if not.
- If none of the entries are fitting for my continuity, then none will become official. However, the prizes will still be given no matter what!
- If your landmark or species gets used in the continuity, then you give me the rights to make changes. If I want to tweak it before it gets added, I'll ask you. But if it gets changed over the course of RP, you won't be alerted.
- If I like multiple entries enough, I'll pick a winner to receive the art prize, but I'll add all of them to the continuity (with permission).
- The Gravestone Isles (which include all of the islands northeast of the main landmass) are off limits.
- Entries will be judged on originality and how well they fit with the continuity at large. However, tons of bad grammar/poor spelling/thesaurus humping reflects poorly on you because it makes it difficult for me to read.
- Have questions on what I'm asking, about the cont or contests, etc? Post here or PM me!

The winning entry of each contest will be added to our continuity, with full credit to the creator of course!
The winner of the each contest will receive a port space, 10 GD, and a fullbody art piece or a portrait (remap or nonremap) of one character. My gallery can be viewed here: http://vorpalmuse.deviantart.com

The deadline for all three contests is April 1. The judging and announcing of winners will take place during our Water Festival.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Just want to turn in an entry? You can PM me, post a reply here, whisper me on Furcadia (Northkeep or Kain Ragnorok) or e-mail me (vorpalmuse [at] gmail.com).

What's the Story?
It's massive, dirty white, and not quite as fluffy as it used to be. Was it a gigantic polar bear? Maybe an albino frost giant, or even one of the yetis from the fables? Perhaps it wasn't a creature at all, but something else entirely--a wizard's trick, perhaps. But if anyone knows the story behind it, they're not telling. Maybe you'd care to share the secret?

Write a short history/backstory for the fur (pictured below). Where did it come from? How did it get to the keep? Where else has it been? Be creative! Write well!

Please limit your entry to about 2500 words or less.

Things I Like:
- humor
- originality
- fable-esque qualities (if you told this story, would it sound like a fairy tale? If so, good!)

Things I Don't Want:
- your characters/guilds in the history (feel free to make up characters for the backstory, though)

The rug:

The rug in its natural habitat:


Creation: Species
Many strange beasts occupy the mountains, but these are all from Etla, roaming in and out of the portal. What creatures made the Northern Edge their home before the keep was dropped there?

Design a species that makes its home on the Northern Edge. It has to be capable of surviving in its environment, be it mountains, sea, or pineland. It can be sentient or feral, shy or aggressive, big or small. Describe their appearance, what colors they can be, common mutations, and personality/temperment. Are they carnivores or herbivores? How do they survive in their enviroment, and what part of the Edge do they live on? Feel free to add sketches to help get your point across.

Things I Like:
- feral or stupid races (it simplifies things)
- realism and believability

Things I Don't Want:
- overpowered magical races
- demonic, angelic, or dragonlike races
- anything very intelligent or long-lived
- races similar to the ones we already have

Lucas Royal -- Tudboc
Serin Peth -- Gruhgle walkers
Demi -- Yayaro
Jhuelian -- Lurkers
Ulrin -- Graxx
Runetta -- 3-toed Skag

Creation: Landmark
We're in a brand new world. Each day, we discover more tracts of mountains. More unending walls of stone and frost, more valleys that look like they've been carved with hatchets. There are some landmarks, though, like Looking Glass Lake. There are sure to be others...

Design a landmark of some kind. An interesting lake or patch of forest? A boulder that's shaped like a howling wolf? Design its appearance and give it a name! I don't have any clear wants/don't wants in my mind for this contest, so go nuts.

Eldred -- Blackstone Trident
Lares -- the shrine

Thanks for checking this out!
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Re: THREE unique writing contests--affect a continuity and win art!
«Reply #1: January 07, 2009, 04:41:59 PM»
can we possibly desgin a creature that has different features that relate to real life animals?

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Re: THREE unique writing contests--affect a continuity and win art!
«Reply #2: January 07, 2009, 05:40:06 PM»
can we possibly desgin a creature that has different features that relate to real life animals?

Yup! I only wasn't looking to things similar to our current races. =)
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Re: THREE unique writing contests--affect a continuity and win art!
«Reply #3: January 08, 2009, 03:04:21 PM»
can we possibly desgin a creature that has different features that relate to real life animals?

Yup! I only wasn't looking to things similar to our current races. =)
I think the link might be wrong

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Re: THREE unique writing contests--affect a continuity and win art!
«Reply #4: January 08, 2009, 09:03:16 PM»
The only links I check are the ones that work right, it seems. >.<;; Fixed, sorry! --> http://www.freewebs.com/northkeep/species.html

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Re: THREE unique writing contests--affect a continuity and win art!
«Reply #5: January 12, 2009, 03:30:07 PM»
I created this a few years ago but it never really took off, I hope it serves you better than it did me!

It is a giant chocolate-chip oatmeal cookie with eight peg legs to support its weight. It cannot move very easily, but being a giant oatmeal cookie, it has very little reason to move at all.

Spiraling ivory tusks grow out from the corners of it's mouth, the points designed to skewer any airborne prey that try to descend upon it and feast upon it's delicious flesh. Though it has no ears, the Figglyeruq favors earrings nevertheless, as can be seen pierced upon it's upper half. Of note is its Magical Technicolour Rastafarian Hat that it develops in the womb, to protect it's yummy, creamy center of a brain. The Figglyeruq is nearly hunted to extinction by fashionable hat collectors for this fact.

will take my first place prize winnings in the form of scales, tia
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Re: THREE unique writing contests--affect a continuity and win art!
«Reply #6: January 12, 2009, 07:51:37 PM»
Clearly Jesto is the winner. :u

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Re: THREE unique writing contests--affect a continuity and win art!
«Reply #7: January 28, 2009, 03:19:06 AM»
Seriously, I have two entries now. Is this a bad contest or do you want better prizes?

Extended the deadline so the winners can be announced during our annual water festival.

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Re: THREE unique writing contests--affect a continuity and win art!
«Reply #8: February 02, 2009, 01:21:24 PM»
I changed the prizes. Now each winner will get either a picture, like before, or a remap/nonremap port. Just a matter of preference.

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Re: THREE unique writing contests--affect a continuity and win art!
«Reply #9: February 03, 2009, 12:38:50 AM»
+1 entry!

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Re: THREE unique writing contests--affect a continuity and win art!
«Reply #10: February 03, 2009, 01:13:35 AM»
I'm entering the creature contest!

Just got done with the pencils for it!  ;)

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Re: THREE unique writing contests--affect a continuity and win art!
«Reply #11: February 07, 2009, 11:32:31 PM»
Thanks Rune!

+1 entry. Now we have one for each contest. :D

Oh, also, I upped the prize a little.. winners will get the art and official status, and also a port space and 10 GD. Sorry about the sparseness, but there are three first prizes. I might make a grand prize too--I could give the winniest of the three winners some extra GDs or life tris? Or would that be unfair?
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Re: THREE unique writing contests--affect a continuity and win art!
«Reply #12: March 02, 2009, 11:34:34 PM»
Can I bump this? >_o

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I'm so wanting to enter this! Is it okay to colab with a friend? I do the basic design/backstory and they create the creature I have in mind? (If we would win the prize distribution would be art to me and GD + space to them)

Offline Heimdall

That would be just fine, Cadman. =)

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Time's running out! You have another week or so!

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+1 entry! Clock ticking!

+1 entry for the "what's the story" contest too!
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Just sent my creature entry!

(Should have gotten it in your email, but I think I forgot a subject [whoops]!)

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I got your entry!

And that's a wrap! Thanks everyone!

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WINRARS POSTED IN ORIGINAL POST. Here are the entries themselves.

WARNING. Massive post.

Here are the winning entries:

Design A Landmark -- Eldred's Blackstone Trident (name may be tweaked)
Eldred -- Blackstone Trident
Geographical Landmark Entry – Igneous dyke that goes into a trident-point Feature name: Blackstone Trident
I.   Appearance: Speckled with quartz (white) and feldspar (shiny grey), the intrusion is primarily made of basaltic magma that cut vertically up through the mountain during their original creation – so old. The mineral composition of the intrusion gives it a shimmering appearance in the light, but is also dark enough with the mica present within it to appear to suck in the light with equal measure.

II.   Age: Timeless, for no accurate readings can be had because of the magnetic nature of the rock – it skews off all measuring scientific equipment (that might fit into your continuity)

III.   The trident points have an unknown origin – something within the rock makes it prone to this type of cleavage (the feldspar, as it has two natural planes). The trident points are said to symbolise perhaps an old culture that existed, which worshipped the points when they were first glimpsed by the eyes of sentient beings.

IV.   The magma chamber which fed this intrusion hasn’t moved on – it’s trapped beneath the mountains, occasionally feeding a little more magma into the feature, giving it the look that it’s rising (slow however, namely every 10,000 years)

Kain's notes:
(so it points up vertically and is about 70 ft high)
PS THESE THINGS ARE REAL: http://www.ga.gov.au/image_cache/GA9914.jpg

Design A Species -- Lucas Royal's tudboc
Introducing the tudboc (tudbocu plural).

Size: 5 feet at the flank; 9 at the highest point. Heavy, usually weighing in between 1100 and 1300 pounds. Despite size differences, the male and female on average will both weigh the same.

Physical Description: Very much like a buffalo or rhino, the tudboc are round, thick and stubby-legged creatures with a certain cow-like quality to them. Their front legs are very prominent, back legs considerably smaller. They have shaggy fur that covers them entirely and even hangs off of them, much like a komondor's does. Their feet are hidden, but aren't too spectacular- they're flatfooted and have small curled toes.

Coloration: Tudbocu colorations are usually very pale grays, steel-blues or tan- the darkest color seen as of yet is a dull brown. Eyes are always either shades of gray or blue.

Gender Dimorphism: Females tend to be slightly smaller, but 'thicker' in appearance. Female tudbocu tend to have the paler shades of coating and eyes.

Lifespan: 20-30 years

-Sight: Below average. A tudboc can see a short distance ahead of them, but most of the time anything unmoving gets past their knowing easily.
-Smell: Very good. Often seeming capable of telling distances- a herd will move away from smoke but not if the fire's distant.
-Hearing: Average, better with median tones than with high or low. So yelling at it won't do any good.
-Touch: Average. Poke a tudboc, it feels it.
-Taste: Poor. Probably wouldn't be able to taste differences - which is why the smell's useful.

Temperament: Tudbocu can be very passive, docile creatures. They're easily tamable because of this. A male tadboc They won't attack unless provoked - they prefer flight over fight.

Intelligence: Tudbocu rarely seem to hold any sort of sign of sentience or intelligence- they're particularly stupid and exceedindly simple to train.

Social Structure: Social animals, travel in herds. Tudbocu young are rarely seen because they travel within a 'circle' of protection formed by the fathers; mothers travel in their own pack behind the males.

Diet: A tudbocu normally eats fungus, scraping it off of rocks or out of the ground with the protruding, strong teeth sticking out of its mouth. A maneuverable lower lip allows it to take in the food without dropping any.

Battle Information: Tudbocu are slow, but are heavy and reluctant to relent if one is driven to fight. They're something akin to tanks- hide is somewhat thick with fat, and their fur is shaggy and thick, giving them a decent armor for some melee attacks.

What's the Story? -- Nesrey
They sat for hours on end waiting for something, anything, to show up, to show them that there was, in fact, living creatures here in these cold mountains.  Several people told them that they would never find anything. The creatures here kept themselves secluded, and when they did choose to show themselves to someone, that someone never relayed the message, or so legend went. 
The wind was harsh that one day, only a few weeks left of sunlight before winter arrived and the entire mountain range was cast into darkness.  After this point, there would be no hunting for months, save for the creatures there hunting those wanderers who chose the wrong place to roam.  The sun was starting to set for the night, the group of hunters beginning to gather their items and make ready to head back to camp. 
However, that was when one person, a mountain lion with thick fur and a deep voice named Enrik, saw the beast.  A larger than normal animal that looked like a polar bear, but with thicker fur and brilliantly blue eyes, and walked much different than any normal bear: two legs held its thick mass.
“Everyone... Look!” Enrik beckoned for the three others: an arctic wolf with nearly coal black fur and white spots with a menacing voice, Iven; a stallion with a steel gray coat and the exact same style of voice, Merrin; and the hunters’ guide from the nearby village, a mountain goat with gray and white fur and a merry voice that contrasted sharply with the others, Nicch.  The three came up behind Enrik, Nicch squeezing his way up to the front of the group, and his eyes went wide as he saw the bear-creature.
“You are NOT to kill that.  That is the protector of the mountains, the one that keeps peace between the deadly creatures here and our village at the base of the mountains.  You kill him, you kill all of us, including yourselves.” Nicch’s words were fast as he spoke, turning to the three hunters, holding his arms out as if that would prevent them from going at the bear to kill him. 
“Like you can do anything.” The wolf reached out and pushed the goat aside, sending him falling to the ground and skidding a foot or two on the rocks.  Iven reached to his back, grabbing his longbow and an arrow from his quiver, setting it, and then aiming to the creature. Before he could shoot, Nicch was up and standing in front of him, the goat being quick on his feet.
“Please! Don’t shoot! You will cause more trouble than you or I or my entire village can handle! Please! Don’t!” Nicch pleading with him, but Merrin stepped in for the wolf and grabbed the goat, holding him as Iven took aim once more and shot, the arrow whistling through the cold air and striking the bear in the muscle of his neck.
This was when everything happened at once.  As Nicch was screaming, Merrin tossed him aside and grabbed his spears to toss them at the bear.  Enrik had his two short swords in his paws and was running at the bear, and Iven was making to let loose another arrow.  But no one had seen the bear’s eyes flash a brilliant red, and as the four men were making to fight the animal, the animal was charging at them, falling to all fours and making short time of the ground between them.
As the bear passed Enrik, a paw came out and knocked the lion to the ground, but not before Enrik’s swords slashed the bear a few times on the leg.  Blood was staining the bear’s lower legs and his underside from the splatter knocked upwards from running.  The bear was quickly in front of Iven, raring back on his hind legs to fight the wolf that was not even half the animal’s height.  Merrin brought his spear in as the bear stood back on his two legs, and before he could crash down on Iven with all the fury of a savage animal, the stallion had thrust his spear into the bear’s shoulder.  A fierce growl of pain was given by the animal and he swung his massive arms out towards the stallion.  Merrin ducked, but was sideswiped by a paw, knocking him down and unconscious.
The bear turned his attention back to the wolf, who had already fired another arrow into the bear’s throat since he had attacked the stallion, and the bear was starting to sag from the amount of wounds he had received.  His movements were slowing from the spear in his shoulder and the two arrows in his neck, not to mention his leg that had been cut by Enrik.  Iven backed away from the bear, trying to get out from under his shadow and onto a rock to be at least somewhat taller, and as he backed away, the bear followed him, all of this happening quite quickly.
Enrik had finally caught his breath from being knocked down and ran up behind the bear just as Iven had climbed atop a rock that put his head equal to the bear’s neck.  Enrik took his swords and ran around the bear, not wishing to harm the pelt in the back as it would be near priceless when selling. The swords slashed up, barely reaching the throat and nicking it, but the lion moved his attacks down to attack at the belly of the creature, cutting it open with several half-foot long gashes.  He did not want to kill the animal humanely, but just to kill it without harming the pelt.
As Enrik and Iven fought the creature, Nicch went to Merrin to tend to him, or rather to see if the stallion was dead or just unconscious.  The goat had given up with the wolf and the lion, knowing that the damage they had done was already irreversible and would cause much destruction to his village.  He would just have to go with the group now wherever they travelled to and tell the story of this fateful night.
Enrik had taken an arrow and was using it to stab the bear’s throat repeatedly as the animal was too close to shoot at, all the while dodging the bear’s angry swipes. Iven was making short work of the bear’s stomach, and as the sun set behind the mountains and cast the entire area into darkness, Enrik struck the bear’s jugular as Iven impaled the animals’ lung with an upward thrust.
A great roar of anger came from the bear as he crumpled, the two hunters diving out of the way of the animal’s weight, and as the bear hit the ground, a great thud resonated through the mountains, and several cries of distant animals raised up in the darkness, the three conscious men freezing in their positions as they heard them.
“Look what you have DONE!” Nicch cried out to Iven and Enrik, an angry look on his face as he leaped up from Merrin and stormed over to the two.  “You have started something you did not want to.  Now all you can do is stay here for the night, for if you travel in this dark, you will surely either fall or be taken as dinner for some creature out there. We will pack up tomorrow and leave.  We cannot go near my village. Must take another way.” The goat spoke quickly, before going back to Merrin and shaking him, the stallion slowly coming to and the four ignored cleaning their weapons or themselves of blood and immediately made to sleep between the bear’s corpse and the rock that Iven had stood on earlier.

As the sun came up over the mountains, a cold fog was settled over the group, and each of the four woke with a feeling of dread of what the day held for them.  Merrin was first to rise from the group, going to inspect the bear, and the other two hunters followed him soon after. The goat woke, but scooted back against the rock to sit and watch the others.
“I say we skin it here and take the pelt with us... Leave the rest.” Merrin spoke calmly, looking the bear’s corpse over again while drawing his skinning knife from his belt. The other two simply nodded in agreement and grabbed their skinning knives, each starting on a leg and being careful to not ruin the pelt, which was easy to not do for them as each was highly skilled with skinning.
“I will be going with you three wherever you travel, as my village will not accept me anymore with what I have become a part of.  Besides, they all will die within weeks.” Nicch spoke as calm as he could, but there was still a shake to his voice.
“As you wish.” Iven and Enrik both spoke at the same time, but continued to work without ever raising an eye to the goat.  Within twenty minutes, the bear was skinned and the pelt was pulled off.
“Humongous... But gorgeous... We’ll need to clean it at the next river else the blood will stain.” Merrin spoke with awe as he looked over the pelt, before the three hunters folded it up and bound it with rope that had been brought with them.  The stallion threw it over his shoulders, struggling under the weight, but managing it with his size, and the four set off down to their camp to pack up.

“You hellions... Why did you do such a thing?!” A small jackrabbit femme named Allisi was running beside the four men on yaks.  “You have doomed this village! Nicch! How could you let them?” The mountain goat flinched as the jackrabbit singled him out, but it was near impossible to see his expression as the road was cast in darkness save for the lantern that Merrin held in front on his yak and the one that Allisi held, though the light was jostled this way and that with her running.
“I WILL tell the village, and they will hunt you to the ends of the earth so long as you are alive!” Allisi cried out to them before stopping, giving up on the group and turning back on the path to make her way back to her home and let everyone know what deed had been done.
“We’ll be fine... Not like that village can do anything.” Nicch spoke with such confidence about the skills of his village that the others nodded and fell silent.

Within two months, the group had been tracked to two villages, and each time, another of the travelers was removed from life’s hold. At the first village, a group of the villagers hunted and fatally wounded Nicch.  The three kept a wary lookout for the group, but not a sight was seen.  With the goat’s dying words, he told them to run and get rid of the pelt as fast as possible.
At the next village, three well-aimed arrows struck Iven square in the throat, killing him instantly much to the horror of the other two that were sitting at his side. They quickly packed up, leaving their dead comrade to rot, and were on the road within hours.
“We really should get rid of this pelt.” Enrik spoke, his voice shaking as he looked all around, watching for anyone that might try and kill them.
“Nonsense... We’ll be fine...” Merrin spoke with ease, but his confidence in their safety was shattered at the next village they crossed when he was killed in his sleep, Enrik having been tending to the yaks and watching the pelt at that time.  When he came back in the morning, the mountain lion let out a gasp and was quickly gone, not wasting time to pack his belongings.  He bought a horse, selling the yaks, and within an hour or less, was on the road at a full gallop, getting as far away as possible from the village.

He travelled for days, stopping only to let the horse rest, before they were off again, moving as fast as the animal could.  Enrik boarded a ship, setting sail to none other than Eileadora, and when he arrived, he made rest in the local tavern, always keeping the white pelt bound and covered in his old brown cloak.  Listening to them speak, he heard rumors of Northkeep and how it had moved locations magically.  Ears perked at this and the mountain lion was on the road the next day, having purchased a yak and have that carry the pelt as he led the animal.
The trees began to thin as he approached where the passage was said to be, and he noticed the fog, pulling the yak closer to him for warmth.  He continued to walk, hesitant in each step, and soon, the fog rolled over the two and a faint cry of shock was given as they wound up in water.
Taking in his surroundings, Enrik made note and quickly moved up the mountain path, dragging the yak behind him.  His pants were wet and he was hungry and tired from the long journey that he had been on.  Hundreds of miles covered in several months’ time, each round of a bend having to be carefully taken for fear of the village attacking him.
As the mountain lion made it into the keep, he asked one of the servants to fetch someone important for him to speak to.  As soon as someone that looked important to him came up to him, he thrust the pelt in his face.
“Take it. For decoration. No cost. I do not desire this item in my possession any longer. It has cost me much pain and sorrow, and nearly my life.  You seem like the most out-of-the-way area to keep it.  You should not have any problems... But then again, I thought I wouldn’t have either.” Enrik spoke with haste, and before any words could be spoken to him in question, he turned and was out of the keep, gone, back down the trail to go to Eileadora.
As the keep was about to vanish from his sight, he nodded and spoke five words before vanishing, not to be seen again. “It is your problem now.”
The End
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Re: THREE unique writing contests-- WINRARS POSTED
«Reply #20: April 07, 2009, 08:22:31 AM»
*dances*  ;D Well done to all
(faz/fam/da/rpr) spellplague