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Author Topic: 1GD Descriptions! -Samples-  (Read 701 times)

Offline nachtzehren

1GD Descriptions! -Samples-
«: January 08, 2009, 12:45:48 PM»
"S'up?". Faux-hawk homie had beats in her body - bam, bam! Alley cat with stiletto shoes, metal spikes declarin' prickly nature while leather encased up those legs, cupping buttocks, to the bushy tail with a girlish ribbon, to the hold-em high beaded belt with tassels swinging low. Wife-beater, she's literal, clung to each muscled jut and womanly mound of flesh, looked grimey and stained - a-class evidence of dumpster nature. Feathers o' angelic perfection protrude from shoulders, rings on the outer edge; masochist. Her hands were made for a street-wise livin'. Watch out ladies, she'd sell your bodies for a ride of steel. Biker.

Male. A natural embodiment of the word in each thought motion and fluent word, tinged with a pictish lilt - the torc bespoke of a voluntary low rank. Wealth could be found in the depths of those silver eyes and in each single thread of the detailed image woven onto the high-collar cloak that was loose over his figure, hiding wings. His chest was bared to show the tattoo arching in resplendant pose across each slab and soft dip of muscle - stag. Wool leggings kept in the warmth, while leather sandals saved his feet from grime. Those curls fell in unstyled mastery around his features, keeping those perked ears out in the open for that attentive touch. Cat.

Cute. A dumpy neck, thick with muscle, kept that fragile skull aloft - a right pair of volcanic black horns arched back astride two mottled crests for a touch of docile feminity. A feathery set of flight appendages rested in a pattern of peachy colours against a thoroughbred anthro' physique - faint mounds of flesh a throwback to old genetics while thick ruddy plating kept a sign of masculine hormones hidden from the crude eye. Herm'. A disposition worthy of the most fickle was flagged for attention by the lengthy tail swinging away in most likely a lethargic rthymn. Intellectual cruelty in each planned movement and sinisterly sincere word. Chaste. Dragon.

Price: 1GD
Contact: Backtalker in-game
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