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Author Topic: 4 Premades. 5 SD each  (Read 590 times)


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4 Premades. 5 SD each
«: January 09, 2009, 11:21:09 PM»
I made the two in the top row, and my friend made the bottom two. I have her permission to sell them for her.
The prices listed are ABs but you can go lower. (Yes, you can go lower than 5 SD.)

The AB for all the ports is 5 SD.
-You have permission once bought to edit however you'd like.
-Don't remove the signature on the bottom two, the top two don't have signatures.
-Don't claim as your own. (Though, not sure why you'd want to)
-If you want any edits on them, let me know. All edits are free of charge.
-We accept only dragonscales.
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