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Author Topic: ninja reviews.  (Read 765 times)

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ninja reviews.
«: January 12, 2009, 03:55:56 AM»
Well, I've been a member of the Furcadia community almost 7 years now, and it's about time I've done one of these. Sadly, I've done far less art trades than alt trades, and can't remember everyone I've done business with in the artist community. If you've bought from me, sold to me, or traded with me in the past and you don't see your name here, please post and refresh my memory so I can add you. ♥
(Please note that I'm only listing people I've traded with for ART - not alts/digos.)

Rinoa/Subaru/Anemone - My oldest friend on Furcadia. She has commissioned me, I have drawn her freebies, entered her contest, and everything in between. Always a sweet person and a pleasure to work with.
Hazen - Bought two premades from me. Quick payment, friendly, and all-around awesome!
Mollie/Syneth - We met through an alt trade and now we're constantly drawing each other stuff! She has commissioned me for a ref sheet and a portrait, paid promptly, and even gave me a free port space when I needed it. She's a good friend and commissioner.
Kelli - She's commissioned me several times and I've drawn freebies for her as well. Never a problem.
Yamanaka - Commissioned me for a portrait of Ino from Naruto. A sweetie, no problems here! She no longer plays Furcadia.
Angellica - Commissioned me for a ref sheet of her feral character Angellica. Friendly, quick payment and no problems.

Shnee - I commissioned her for one portrait for my alt Koyuki Kazahana. Her prices were fair, she was friendly, and completed the portrait quicker than I expected. (Not to mention her ports are amazing! Commission her!)
Tuwano - While most people seem to have had excellent experiences with this artist, I did not. I commissioned her for one portrait. I don't remember the specifics of the exchange since it was a long time ago, but it basically came down to the fact that I asked her how my portrait was coming and she became snarky with me and told me she no longer wanted to do it, which is fine, but the attitude was unnecessary. In the end, no money was exchanged. I must say that her artwork is outstanding, however.
Edward - I commissioned her back in the day for one portrait for my alt Botan as part of a trade for the alt Aura. She was fast, friendly, and showed me progress sketches which was a bonus! The portrait came out beautifully, and you should commission her if she still makes portraits. ;]

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