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Author Topic: Cat n' Dog Figurines+ Furry Paws for sale! CheapzorZ! I do accept scales!  (Read 831 times)

Offline Nurr

Furry Paws Are Back!

Just an update: I accept paypal, money order, and GDS in return for either paws or sculptures.

Price is 5.00 a pair, plus two shipping for a total of seven. I believe that's a bit cheaper than last time :P
Inventory on Paws

1 Light Brown Pairs
4 White Pairs
1 Pink Pair
1 Dark Green Pair

1 Extra Pink Single
1 Extra Brown Single (which make a pair together)

Special Price for the pink pair

Because I'm very attached to them, that pair alone will be 15.00. If not I'm gonna keep 'em to myself :3 If you're like, omg, 15.00 what's wrong with you? Well then buy the pink single with the brown paw, or just the pink single! I'll sell that for 4.00 (that includes shipping)

PM me to buy yours today! One size fits all, very comfortable and fluffy! I've sold about 30 pairs of these all over the net ^^

Custom Painted Figures

 If you want a second figure, all you have to pay is 3.00. That's it! So you pay 7.00 for the first figure, then you pay an extra three dollars to get two figures! Trying to get all these things off my desk xD

In any case, if you buy three, the fourth will be FREE


I already took the opportunity to mess with two and made Smith and GB


This is in order from left to right starting with the Nurr figure:

Spaniel:          2 (1 unpainted, the other two are Smith and GB)
Terrier:           1
Cat Down:       2
Puppy:            1 (Painted as Gin)
Retriever Pup:  1 (painted as Teru)
Cat Sitting Up:  2
Fluffy Cat:        1
Cat looking up: 1
Kitten:             3

I have other figures that aren't listed here, they are the four canine pictures above. I have one of each but have the capability to buy more of those figures for a limited of time.

To reserve a figure (any of them) private message me here. Please let me know who from ginga you want me to paint them as, or if you have a personal reference, please supply me with pictures or descriptions.

Figures are 3.00 each, plus 2.00 for shipping coming to a total of 5.00. If shipping is out of the USA, shipping will be an additional five dollars, and I will put that the good are used in hopes you won't have to pay an import fee.

There are more pictures below.



Work on a Teru

If you want I will paint over this figures for free.

Also, in case you're wondering why I spam the boards with my crafts.

Update on my Pup!
Finally picked my male!

Anyone who has dealt with my business wise either through the paws or anything variant of that, knows now that I am saving up for my first dog. I'm 20 and I've not yet had a dog of my very own, and I am saving up for a Corgi. I am looking to get a male, and he was born Jan 10th. I have paid the 200 down deposit, and I'm trying to make the rest of the money. No matter what, I will reach my goal, so I am not entirely dependent on money I make on forums doing art. So don't worry, I'm not budgeting this on me getting a dog. But every bit helps! I'll be making a Thank- You page on my website to all those here who help me at Furc and other off handles. Thank you!
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Offline Nurr

Bump for huge edit!!

+Smith off hold

+Riki sold

+Rocket sold

+Small Dog sold

+Cat laying down sold

+9 pairs of paws sold

I updated all inventory
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