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Author Topic: Matt's reviews.  (Read 770 times)

Offline walf

Matt's reviews.
«: January 13, 2009, 08:18:12 PM»
I should probably do one of these things! It's been awhile so I apologize if I forgot anyone...

People I've commissioned, as no one's ever commissioned me.  :P

Alabaster Sea: Very accommodating artist. Supplies sketches and works in progress, and is very good about updating/changing the portrait.

Hibbary: Though not a Furcadian, she works EXTREMELY quickly, is very receptive, friendly and accommodating, and an over-all nice person.

Holly/Kanuhii: Very sweet gal, as well as being an exceptional artist. Every port she does is quality!

Jorvik: Not sure what name she goes by now. Although she took quite a long time, nearly a year, to get back to me on my commission, she was very apologetic about it and lowered the price. And it was definitely worth the wait, as all of her work is stunning and well-done.

Kilmeny: Also a very kind person, VERY fast at finishing portraits!

Rat the Unloved: Very high quality of work, whether it be patches, portraits, skins, whatever one commissions them for!

[Work in progress]