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Author Topic: DMP's Reviews :)!  (Read 720 times)

Offline Treacherous

DMP's Reviews :)!
«: January 22, 2009, 03:51:22 PM»
Bronze Rose
 Fun girl and great trader/commissioner :)

  Nice communication with commissions & also trades, very quick payment and overall awesome person to work with. :)

 Would not recommend trading with her.  Met her on my main alt while I had a link advertising to a premade for auction in my desc; she bid 5GD on the portrait and received confirmation within a few days that it was her's.  However, for months after that, she continued to make excuses on making payment - saying it'd be the next day, or in a few hours.  Eventually, when she told me I'd receive payment within the next day and low and behold, I found nothing by the next few days I sent her a postmaster warning she had till Friday.  Never received a reply after that.

Dazling Blizzard
 Fun girl and great trader/commissioner.

 I've been commissioned by her several times and must say she's pleasant to work with - lots of information but still leaves lots of freedom for creation; very patient, quick & reliable trader.

 Quick trade, good communication of what she wanted in commissions, nothing bad to say about this Commission or Trade.

 Was very patient with her commission while I was busy with school; overall pleasant commissioner/trader.

 Also very patient while I was busy during her commission, awesome commissioner & trader.

NOTE: If you see this and have an account (or different main) you'd like me to list you under, let me know which port I did for you and I'll change it ASAP. :)
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