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Author Topic: Writing Descs - 5 SD for Reg; 1 GD for Extended [ Plenty of Samples! ]  (Read 3046 times)

Offline Azriel Wolfenheart

Desc Samples:
A demon born of the fires of hell itself? He certainly looked the part even at casual glance-- mess of black hair partly covering sometimes crazed eyes showed that much, the right orb defined by a pair of scars of questionable origin running down that side of his face. He seemed to emit raw power with only his presence, the deadly spikes outlining his limbs and spine only adding to the intimidation. A bit of bony armor covered some of his more vulnerable parts; the rest was left bare, for he seemed to possess little modesty. Visible through the seams of his muscled chest, earth's molten fury seemed to flow through his very veins, fueled by the unwanted being locked in his head.
Scales adorned the thick skin of this gargantuan gargoyle, towering over most at twelve feet and wearing a jagged crown of red horns upon his scalp. A stone-like epidermis stretched over his powerfully built form. Red eyes were set into his face, crimson points of light standing out from blackened pigment. Though humanoid in appearance, the stone giant could not speak. His throat emitted growls of another kind; howls, banshee-like trills mixed with the feral roar of a lion. Large wings spanning fifteen feet were kept chained in place, never to be spread again. Bound from fists to tail, he could only move to a certain extent, but a sense of the unpredictable still lingered around him; he could still strike at any moment.
Such a wicked grin for a slave! Emerald eyes forever in motion, almost paranoid. Lean, somewhat wiry frame was accented by a multitude of piercings as well as a tattoo spiraling up one arm. Spiked collar around neck and rope bindings often found around wrists were the only true sign the feisty feline was truly a slave. Kept nude to try to break his spirit, but it had no effect. Only thing out of place could be the golden bell found at the tip of tail forever moving in a serpentine manner. The only privilege allotted to him was polishing of that bell, the only damn thing the asshole seemed to care about.
Absolutely gargantuan winged beast reigned in infamy for the terrors of its past. Massive frame was slathered in muscles and scales, gnarled joints holding it all together. Whole creature was colored in violent hues, a warning to any not warded off by its size alone. Scales were of crimson nature with golden highlights, eyes a deadly bright gold able to freeze prey in its tracks. Obsidian talons and other sharp edges finished off the look, perfected by widely spanning wings. Luckily, recent decades had led to piercing eye being turned more kindly toward weaker beings. Not to mention the behemoth was forever kept chained.
A strong, yet supple frame bore an overall human appearance, faintly flushed skin bearing an assortment of barely healed injuries -- newer cuts and smooth, faded scars crisscrossed in disturbingly regular patterns, scattered throughout the smooth flesh of his arms and torso. These were not the luscious hybrid's most stunning feaures, however. Long waves of deep indigo fell to his lower back, fading to gold at the tips. Furred ears of a matching coloration protruded from the smoothly flowing tresses. A row of ivory spines followed the curve of his back, ending in a powerful tail to match his ears. When his soft, pink tinted lips parted, sharpened teeth could be seen.
Dual-colored monster could nearly have been lupine were it not for hideous abnormalities and other ill-fitting features. Hellhound may better described the sightless horror, visage a terrible mockery of grinning jack o' lantern, outline carelessly splattered across pristine white. Short, powerful muzzle held a gruesome appendage of sickly green hues, dripping with unknown salivary substances. Fur came to ruffled mass of white 'round neck's nape, tail equally volumous in color counterpart. Eternal wound outlined in crimson wept and oozed in slow, yet constant cadence.
Death dealer for sure, though slight veil of amethyst locks seemed none too intimidating. Human he may have seemed, though pointed ears and single crimson diamond 'round left eye hinted at something more -- in profession, at least. True shinigami, he dressed himself in traditional attire of simple black and white hues; pair of unique blades creating a similar duality. With any luck, the mortal-seeming male's cold, distant temperament would keep many from straying too near, for he also bore quite the impressive arsenal of less corporeal weaponry.

Extended Desc Samples:
Standing at a height of 5'5" in her base form and possessing an average, if slightly athletic musculature, Azriel would likely not have been the slightest bit intimidating were it not for the wings spanning nearly 12 feet though often kept tucked close to her body. Fur color was nothing more than the usual for her species, though kept pretty well groomed as a rule. Hairstyle was a bit boyish, quite fitting her male side when it chose to present itself; black locks were cut in a rather choppy and messy fashion, giving her a subtly androgynous appearance even when in her female form. Eyes were a brilliant golden yellow, often kind though quite capable of turning hard gold if her fiery temper was ignited.

 From aforementioned mess of hair, a pair of large, pointed ears protruded quite noticeably, each one having quite the impressive set of metal. Two more piercings were found on the bat, a barbell each adorning left eyebrow and labret. Collar was always found around throat, along with matching cock ring when gender permitted. In addition, wedding band adorned appropriate left finger, and necklace bearing one black and one gold feather was also worn.

From there on came the attire, quite baggy and often worn jeans most typically covering lower body, while top was more likely to change with her mood and the weather. Most often though, she could be found wearing a tank top or t-shirt, preferring casual attire when nothing else struck her fancy. When male, the bat often shunned upper clothing altogether.

5 SD or $0.50 per desc
1 GD or $1.00 per extended desc
Payment should be made with dragonscales on Furcadia or real money via my Paypal.
(Willing to accept digos, port spaces, art, etc., for payment as well. Just ask.)

Lifer Bats: $0.50|$99.95

Whisper me at Azriel|Wolfenheart [ Preferred ]
AIM - deadlywoods3
MSN - [email protected]
Yahoo - deadly_woods3
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Offline Azriel Wolfenheart

Re: Writing Descs - 5 SD
«Reply #1: July 17, 2008, 11:54:16 PM»

Offline Azriel Wolfenheart

Sure! I'll try to get it done tonight and send it to you either on here or by Furcadia. Is Deadly Sins the Furcadia name I can contact you by? It's easier to do this over whispers so I can quickly change anything you don't like or otherwise thinks needs to be changed.

Otherwise, you could PM me with your IM info. I'd prefer whispers or IMs to do these, as they're quicker. Otherwise it may take me a bit to get the completed form. I'll get started anyway!

I'll also assume you want a regular Furcadia desc since you didn't specify. :3

If you could please contact me with a little more info, that'd be nice. I need to know for sure if she's anthro or feral, and if anthro I need an idea of her usual attire, as well as her age and such. Either way I need an idea of her background.
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Offline Show Jumper

Could I have a desc please for my horse alt Xcalibur.

Current description:

Ivory hued coat stretched over the powerful bulk of the stallion; freckles of bay marked a little of the ivory coat, adding colour to him. Slender, powerful limbs were a clear sign that this brute could easily run fast; tresses of light grey flowed down 'pon the finely arched neck of his, while matching grey whipcord lashed against his hind. strong willed and stubborn he was a challenge for most humans, brute had been transported all the way from his former home, for he originated from Scottland


Offline Azriel Wolfenheart

All caught up. :)

Offline Azriel Wolfenheart

Caught up once more! :)

Offline Banny

Can I get one again for my Human Alt?

Name: Shizuyo

Species: Human

Job: Geisha



Offline Azriel Wolfenheart

I so epically failed at getting on here or Furcadia itself that I didn't notice this request until not long ago. It's probably far too late now, so I'll just wait out some new commissions.

Offline Banny

xD You can still make me the desc for her if you would like xD

Offline Azriel Wolfenheart

If you're still needing one, then sure! :)

Offline Azriel Wolfenheart

Just finished 6 descs, mwahaha.

Offline Azriel Wolfenheart

3 descs later I have second pair of port spaces I wanted and am saving up for art now!

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Just wrote another 3, for my most frequent customer. :x

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New thing I'm savin' for, so let's get those commissions coming! ... Please? <3333

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Wrote another two descs and got a tip of over 1 GD in all, yay!

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I could use some more customers, c'mon!

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Alright, working on getting some Lifer Bats now. Crazy, I know.