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Author Topic: Wani's reviews  (Read 705 times)

Offline Wani

Wani's reviews
«: February 04, 2009, 07:46:05 AM»
Requests, Commissions and sold Premades;
In no particular order

Mikami: Gave me good ref to work with, paid me twice the ammount i was asking for. Really sweet person. <3

Rae: I was giving away a premade portrait, she wanted it. P: Didn't ask for big changes and gave me pretty much free hands. I've also sold her atleast one premade, again, easy edits, and her characters are always fun. No problems with payment

Heavenly: I've made her few portraits, mostly freebies, but i think she has bought atleast one premade from me.
No complaints, she's easy to work with. No problems with payment

Tia: I've done her 2 portraits, she's really nice and patient, it took me ages to add a bg to the second portrait, even though it was a giftie port, i think. She didn't get pissed at my slowness. :P  She's lovely. No problems with payment. Good refs.

SnowyThing: I've done him atleast 3 portraits. He has always interesting ideas and his character is just too cute. <3
No problems with payment. Good refs.

Sunbeam: Don't know who plays this char these days, but i drew her a portrait, with Björk swan dress.. hee, it was fun.
Lovely person, No problems with payment.

Ginnie: I made her a freebie and she went and paid me, bastard. D< I love her and her design to pieces. Good refs.

The_RG: I made her a portrait ages ago, can't remember if it was a commission or a freebie, but it was fun non the less,
she either gave me free hands with the clothes and/or i just went and drew her in a dress. Good refs too. She liked it though, i HOPE. <3

Falisa: I have made her two portraits, two fun and nice portraits, she gave me good refs and was cool in every single possible way. Can't remember if they were freebies or not. Lol.

There's tons of more but i'm too lazy to think atm.

People who i have commissioned:
Will write reviews later

Pepsi Monster: