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Author Topic: logo blankets  (Read 820 times)

Offline Tycho

logo blankets
«: February 11, 2009, 05:37:08 AM»
I live in Wisconsin. It's cold. I enjoy sewing. Put these three together and you get custom made blankets by Noah. :B

They're 15-20 bucks depending on difficulty, and shipping and handling is 3 dollars. This actually doesn't cover shipping costs, but it helps and I don't want to charge too much.

Currently the only example I have, but it is very warm and cozy and nifty.

Other ideas I've had for something to put in the center are:

aperture science logo
black mesa logo
hl/hl2 lambda
tf2 logo
the l4d 4
gears of some kind
umbrella corp. logo
360 power symbol // RROD symbol
Persona 3/4 profile headshots
Bioshock achievement icons
tf2 class patch icons
marathon logo
tycho logo

But I can put anything in the middle that is somewhat simple and somewhat round.

If interested send me a PM and we'll chit chat about what you're looking for :B

ps: yes i do enjoy valve games. does playing them on the 360 make me any less of a fan? no. please keep your dramaspam off this thread. thanks.


Offline Azula

Re: logo blankets
«Reply #1: February 11, 2009, 08:25:05 PM»

by the way isnt it illegal for you to be profiting from a company's copyrighted/trademarked/whathaveyou logo.
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Re: logo blankets
«Reply #2: February 11, 2009, 08:32:04 PM»
are you selling the cat