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Author Topic: Websites (Prices Changed)  (Read 624 times)

Offline Anbu

Websites (Prices Changed)
«: February 12, 2009, 11:05:40 PM»
My friend is scared to post on here so I'm doing it for her o3o

Here is her DA: Click

She can be contacted on Alkaid or Raider.

Rules of the Trade
I'm not the best artist, so I'm not drawing anything. However if you have images of your character I can use those to make you a website with little problem.
Please, if you are not the original artist of the image, please please please link me to the original artist so I can ask them about using the image for part of your commission.

I am still in school, so please give me time to work on it. I do get blocks when I lack muse to go on. And I do have projects I have to do for my classes. So please be patient. I'll be sure to note you if I am having problems and need to delay your website.

A basic website will cost 5 GDs.
For each additional page it will cost 1 GD extra.

IE: A website with two pages would be 6 GDs.
A website with four pages would be 8 GDs.

1). Here
2). Here <- one of her old alts the web she used for it and yoda yoda
3). Here

I would put more but she is very shy and  being very akward D<


Oh almost forgot you can pm/post here to :)
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