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Author Topic: Wicked's Reviews.  (Read 786 times)

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Wicked's Reviews.
«: February 15, 2009, 01:07:05 PM»
Figured it was about time I did one. Also, I was bored.
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DrKarayua; Commissioned a portrait for my most favoured alt. It was done extremely quick & fit the character perfectly in every way. Will surely commission again!

Fawkes; Somewhat new to commissions, but her work is no less adorable & she couldn't be easier to work with. Did a digital drawing for my old main which highlighted her, ah, "unique" personality. It was fantastic all around, & I'd be more than happy to commission again.

Glory/Marik; Easily one of my favourite artists, even if she needs to be gently prodded every so often to finish a piece, lol. Commissioned her for several sketches & portraits, & while most of them had no prior references she still managed to come extremely close to my original idea & work out some superb drawings.

Jenni; Not actually a commission, but I won a few pieces of artwork from her in a contest. Received a portrait, bust drawing, & a sketch, & while it took a little bit to get done, she was very good about keeping me updated on progress. The art itself was well worth the wait & beautifully done.

Lobsel Vith; An absolute pleasure to work with on both sides. I've commissioned her many times (with more to come, I'm sure) & every piece has been amazing. She's even kind enough to let me watch her sketch things out on pchat, so I can make edits in real time.

MT; Have commissioned two-three portraits. They all turned out marvelous, & she herself is quite fun to talk to.

Nikki-Knack; Commissioned a ref sheet & two digital drawings. She has been very easy to work with up to this point, & the two finished pieces are amazing in every way. I very much look forward to seeing the final piece, & highly recommend her.. especially if you like really silly artwork like I do.

Octavian/Morgan; Commissioned her for a portrait & a digital piece. The results were fast & beautifully done. She captured the character perfectly, despite my poor way of trying to explain things. I'd definitely commission again if given the chance.

Sapphirus; Commissioned two(?) sketches for my old main. She was extremely fast with completing the work, & I loved the results. She was a joy to work with, & I thank her again for finding a way to incorporate my love of mad scientists into the art.

Viktorria; Commissioned two portraits & a couple of sketches. She worked very fast, & the results were spectacular. I still get compliments on the portraits wherever I go. She was also very sweet to talk to both during & after the work was completed.

Zim; Snagged a free sketch & received two portraits from her for a contest. Everything was perfect, & she was very generous in putting up with my unusual requests. I would (& most likely will) commission her again.
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