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Author Topic: Life Batwing Raffle  (Read 826 times)

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Life Batwing Raffle
«: February 16, 2009, 06:50:15 AM»
School's Out For Summer!

It's that time of year. University students are preparing for summer break, and many students are bracing themselves for graduation on some level. With thoughts of vacations and summer antics running through their heads, they're ready for a chance to unwind. It won't be long before the pool in Darien City opens up and people start hitting the beach on Lake Ontario.

Join us for radio, roleplay, and fun in the sun on May 30th!

As per usual, we'll also be having a raffle with our event...


(May be added to as more tickets are purchased)

Batwings for Life (Grand Prize)
Your choice of Wings or a Noble for One Year
Portrait Space

Raffle Tickets:

1-3. Elira
4. Noianku
5. Lolly Pops
6. Bearded Dragon
7. Kelbit
8. Percila
9-10. Kelbit
11-19. Asiil
20-29. Maybelle
30. Paline Kirkorian
31-35. Serf

Tickets can be purchased by whispering Brynhilde Marx (or Alluvial) in-game, and they cost 1 GD a piece. Please feel free to stop by our dream some time and pay us a visit. We're located near the Street Corner in Imaginarium.

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Re: Life Batwing Raffle
«Reply #1: May 02, 2009, 11:37:53 PM»
Bump. Figured I'd just edit the old raffle thread. We're having a new one! :D

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Je suis la kitter verte!