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Author Topic: Tablet!  (Read 1358 times)

Offline Heimdall

«: February 20, 2009, 11:33:01 PM»
I'm looking for a cheapish new tablet since mine's flickering on the verge of death. Something pretty small, nothing fancy. Maybe around $100? My old one was a Wacome graphire 3 and it lasted me a long time. Does anyone have any other preferences, bad experiences, etc?


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Re: Tablet!
«Reply #1: February 20, 2009, 11:45:25 PM»
i reccomend the tablets on http://www.aiptek.com/
i bought the hyperpen 12000U, thinking i might not end up liking it for it's size. however, i thought the bigger surface was a lot easier to draw on. there's also a model much smaller, if you're not interested in trying a large one.

the differences from wacom tablets are pretty minor, but there are things like the pen. it doesn't have a separate eraser, so you have to actually click the eraser brush and use the normal tip. the other thing is that the pens/mouses for the aiptek tablets need 1 AAA battery each, but they take forever to die.

the only reason i really reccomend aiptek instead of wacom is because i've had 2 wacom tablets, and both didn't last very long. both times i had problems with the usb just dying out, and i thought i took pretty good care of them. it could have just been me.

the tablet i have now has been incredibly durable. i've done so many things to it by accident, too. dropped it from relatively high places, picked it up by the cord, yanked out the cord, etc. and i've never had any problems with it.


Re: Tablet!
«Reply #2: February 20, 2009, 11:52:10 PM»
Wacom is pretty much the only brand worth buying from. Most image programs are designed for Wacom products.

If you have a tight budget, the cheapest one you can get is the Bamboo. I'd probably save up for an Intuos3, though; on top of having larger sizes and more pressure sensitivity, it seems to be the most durable tablet I've bought yet. All of the other tablets I've bought (Multiple Graphires, one Deleter tablet and one Aiptek, the latter of which lasted significantly longer than any of the others, to its credit) seem to only last for about a year or so before crapping out for some reason or another. I've had the tablet I'm using now (again, Wacom Intuos3) for about 4 or 5 years now and I haven't had a single major problem yet, aside from an issue where I have to reinstall the drivers occasionally, but that really isn't a big deal.

I'd probably have spent more money on buying cheap tablets in the same amount of time. It also has the benefit of being professional grade, which means I don't have to shell out another 300 bucks on top of whatever I spent on junk tablets if/when I get really serious with art. The Cintiq (the screen one) is pretty much the only tablet of higher quality than the Intuos, but that's so outlandishly expensive that it's not really worth it.

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Re: Tablet!
«Reply #3: February 21, 2009, 12:02:34 AM»
i've got an intuos 3 as matter does and i've dropped that motherfucker like a million times, stuck it in my backpack and tossed that around, and abused the shit out of it and it's still working perfectly

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Re: Tablet!
«Reply #4: February 21, 2009, 12:53:42 AM»
I reccommend http://aiptek.com tablets for the same reasons Gilbert has said, not to mention they're more affordable then WACOM tablets.

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Re: Tablet!
«Reply #5: February 21, 2009, 10:20:09 AM»
Oi, careful if you'll buy the tablet Gilbert and Eevee suggested - not because it's bad, but the Wacom pens are extremely lightweight. The Aiptek tablet uses a battery in the pen which will weigh it down and might make drawing on a tablet harder/more annoying for you. Speaking from experience, if you're very used to the Wacom tablets the cheaper/other brands will feel awkward. My friend has a tablet from a different brand and I can't draw well on it because of the pen weight and its sensitivity levels are different. The surface is also much rougher than on my Graphire 3 which makes drawing feel very off.

Sooo if you can, try to get your hands on another wacom if you think getting a non-wacom will make things more difficult. It may even be best to simply go to the store and ask if you can use the tablet pen to draw on the surface, see how it feels and such.

Then again, some people are more sensitive to such changes than others. I've had 2 wacom tablets in 8 years now (and only replaced my first because it was old and worn, not even broken), so the tablet has almost become an extension of my arm. XD Lmao.


Re: Tablet!
«Reply #6: February 21, 2009, 12:30:47 PM»

Offline Hathor

Re: Tablet!
«Reply #7: February 21, 2009, 03:04:05 PM»
Either a Bamboo, or like others said, Intuos3. I mention the Bamboo because that is what I and several of my friends have, and they all seem to get on with it really well. Plus it costed me £35 from Amazon. The only problem I have is the nibs wearing down, but I scribble like a retard when colouring, and even still, it seems to be working fine with a completely worn down nib at the moment. I've also never had a problem with the drivers, and it works with all my programs (PS, SAI, oC, Paint, FSH, etc).

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Re: Tablet!
«Reply #8: February 21, 2009, 03:58:45 PM»
i use a refurbished graphire4 i got off amazon for like 45bux. i've had it for a year and a half with absolutely no problems (besides the occasional driver reinstallation but thats not a big deal) and i put that thing through a lot of fucking abuse. i'm talking tripping over wires, it getting thrown across a room once in anger, stept on, sat on, yeah.

first thing to go was my pen and now i have like 2 spares because i tend to lose them LOL
IN FACT ive spent more on pens than i have the tablet itself
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Re: Tablet!
«Reply #9: February 21, 2009, 09:31:05 PM»
For the longest time, Wacom has had a semi-monopoly on tablets. This, of course, means that other companies who make really good products might not become known for it or establish a good reputation because everyone wants a 'Wacom' if for no other reason than it's a 'Wacom'. And of course insecure teenage girls spaz on their LJ about how the got a zomg Wacom and how it's going to make them a better artist 

My gf is a good example of this (IloveyouJenpleasedunhurt me;; )
She's been saying for a while that she wants a tablet, I asked her why. She said 'because it makes drawing easier'. I told her 'no, you still have to do the same amount of work, you just don't have to scan it in...', to which she basically shrugged, then I asked 'Do you just want one cuz it's something nice to have that you see other people with or talking about?' and her reply was basically '... maybe...'


Otherwise, I never have had a tablet. I draw it out by hand first, then scan it it in and use my mouse and the pcx editor to clean it up. So... my post is pretty much useles to the OP.

(as an afternote, my gf is a pwn artist, but doesn't draw or post art anywhere that often - she doesn't have the time. She just has issues with envying people when they have something nice)
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Re: Tablet!
«Reply #10: February 21, 2009, 11:38:24 PM»
You can get a WACOM Intuos3 for $90? Sign me up! Factory new only, plz.

A lot of the hype behind WACOM is reputation, but with good reason:

1) They have excellent hardware. I've had my Graphire3 for something like 6 years now and it still works great despite dropping and rolling over it several times.

2) A lot of industry-standard programs like Photoshop and Painter are optimized for WACOMs. That's not to say that other brands won't work, but you might run into some software/hardware incompatibilities.

Also, having a tablet won't make you a better artist in the sense that you won't suddenly have an excellent grasp on anatomy or perspective, but it does make digital painting a lot faster. I even port with a tablet simply because my fingers move a lot faster than my wrist, and it's cut down on carpal tunnel syndrome a lot. Nothing beats being able to lay down lines and colors in a jiffy without worrying about adjusting opacity and brush sizes constantly.

EDIT: The Bamboo Fun is about $99 as far as I know, and is basically just the updated version of the Graphire2/3. Aiptek also seems to make decent tablets as well if you're looking to save a bit here and there.

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Re: Tablet!
«Reply #11: February 21, 2009, 11:45:15 PM»
My gf is a good example of this (IloveyouJenpleasedunhurt me;; )
She's been saying for a while that she wants a tablet, I asked her why. She said 'because it makes drawing easier'. I told her 'no, you still have to do the same amount of work, you just don't have to scan it in...', to which she basically shrugged, then I asked 'Do you just want one cuz it's something nice to have that you see other people with or talking about?' and her reply was basically '... maybe...'
Most people buy tablets for its increased digital inking/painting capabilities. You can do pixel art fine without a tablet, but I'd rather grind my genitals against a cheese grater than go back back to trying to digitally paint with a mouse.

On a slight aside, digital art in general is a hell of a lot easier than traditional art, so she's technically right about that in pretty much every case >.>;

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Re: Tablet!
«Reply #12: February 22, 2009, 05:50:12 AM»
I do believe a PSD file with all the layers in tack is good enough proof. With tablets, people normally use Photoshop or another art program that has layers and is PSD friendly, so they're able to save a PSD copy. I, and other artists, make ports in Photoshop to preserve the layers when saving as PSD just in case someone steals something.

Now please stay on topic about suggesting tablets.

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Re: Tablet!
«Reply #13: February 22, 2009, 02:27:26 PM»
Mmm delicious tablets. I, too, am rocking the Graphire 3 and have been for... oh... five years. I'd recommend a Bamboo, though. My roommate has one and he loves it to death. It seems fairly reliable. :)

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