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Author Topic: I can make descs for IC and OOC  (Read 535 times)

Offline Aubrey The Cat

I can make descs for IC and OOC
«: March 07, 2009, 10:07:31 PM»
I can make good descs for OOC and IC if any one wants any descs there 1SD and all you have to do is give me a reff of your chara and what they do.


A tan cat looks up at you with a faded brown eye. Her golden blond hair covered her left eye trying to look cool. She had a hole in her ear stained with deep red blood. She had a unfriendly smile on her cute little face with a white muzzle also stained with a little blood on her lip. She wore a long t-shirt with the sleaves ripped off. On the T was a marking. It was a Aqua blue with two black lines nere the middle. The T was white with a few blood stains and burns. Her pants were a deep red not showing any stains but there was holes and burns. There was a pocket to the right side of her pant leg. In that pocket was a pocket knife, smoke bombs, and a pic of her mom that has a few burns on the edges. She wore white gloves with 2 golden rings keeping the gloves on tight. She wore no shoes due to she could run faster with out them and if she kicked the pepole she hates her claws dig into them leaveing a realy deep scar. She wore a collar and on that collar was a golden name tag that said "Aubrey T. Cat, Flare rd. Speedtown, Moubius." She likes to play with fire burning any thing that gets in her way and doesn't stop till its dead or burnt to the ground.

and then you can add the extras like your lover your kids and others

I'm under your bed waiting... waiting to strike you toes... and waiting to be me.
that is my current desc!!!

plz think about it.