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Author Topic: PHP Programming~  (Read 614 times)

Offline Emil

PHP Programming~
«: March 20, 2009, 02:44:57 PM»
Since this is all I seem to be doing lately, I figure I might as well offer up some services here.

I can't do layouts (my design skills are non existant), but I can set you up with a basic framework for a layout to get you started and I can pretty much code anything you need.

Examples of my coding:
(all sites below are kid friendly):
http://www.exhibited-sim.com/ (mine)
http://www.fay-sim.com/ (questing system, spirit guides, few other features)
Some stuff for http://www.dstable.com/
http://www.pa-autos.co.uk (admin back panel with options to edit all pages without accessing files themselves and therefore messing up coding, adding/removing of cars and vans, search function for cars/vans. WIP still)

Naturally I specialize in virtual pet games, but coding is coding. XD

I code in PHP and use MySQL databases (thus, your server has to support those.)

Email me at [email protected] if you'd like a quote. I don't check here much.