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Author Topic: Free Rp descs  (Read 722 times)


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Free Rp descs
«: March 20, 2009, 04:22:32 PM»
I wasn't sure whether to put this in Freebie art or Other art, so if it needs to be moved let me know.
I'm not quite sure how good I am, so for now I'm offering to make Rp descs for free.
I can only do humans and anthros, I fail at ferals.


Gregarious; Onyx hair was styled in to a spiky array, as pink highlights streaked through the bristly halo, and sticking noticeably from the mesh were two large mouse ears. Elfin face held an all too innocent grin, as cerulean eyes sparkled impishly. Hung from her tiny shoulders, draped down to her thin waist was a light cobalt tank top with gaudy cherry pinstripes. Over top of it could be a black mesh shirt, matching the showy fish nets which entangled themselves from mid-thigh to her ankles. Hugged tightly around her waist was a petite denim mini-skirt, exposing far more than was truly necessary. Wrapped her ankles and wrists could be seen two pairs of arm and leg warmers, pink on her right arm and left leg, and blue on the remaining two limbs. Pretty little rave girl.
For Highlights' use only.

Enervated; Auburn hair was cropped shortly in a spiky array, as two large feline-like ears poked out from the tussle. Hung loosely from her well-built shoulders was a crimson halter-top which fluttered smoothly down to her waist. Around her frame was also a too-large onyx leather jacket which cut off abruptly a few inches above her average waistline. Clinging firmly to her legs, snaking down to her feet was a pair of average black jeans, and poking innocently from the rear was a large black Persian-like tail. And finally, adorned upon her feet were two black knee-high suede boots. Pale face held a tiny scowl of dissension, but looking behind the commonly-placed grimace a hidden smirk could be seen. Hidden pleasure at your expense.
For Elayne's use only.

Saccharine; Chocolate eyes gleamed mischievously, as caramel face held a tiny innocent grin. Ashen hair was frizzed out in small sections, cut right above her ears with a long extension in an ostentatious swirl covering her forehead. Clipped delicately in the white tangle was a small silver pin with a large heart adorned on it. Wrapped around her upper torso was a simple cream hued top, and laced around her think neck was a plebian silver chain with a large diamond encrusted strawberry charm. Flowing from her thin waist to her knees was an average dark brown skirt. On her feet were two toffee colored ballet slippers, with laces that trailed up to her knees. So fruity.
For Tarts' use only.

More examples to be added soon.

If you want one just fill out this forum:
Character Name:
Ref (if any):

1. Focus - Finished
2. Wii - Finished
3. Stein
4. Open
5. Open

Post here or pm for a slot.
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Re: Free Rp descs
«Reply #1: March 29, 2009, 10:29:00 AM»
Still doing these, my computer crashed though but will be fixed in the next couple of days, once fixed I'll work on the rest of these. Sorry about the wait.