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Author Topic: P-AK's Reviews  (Read 655 times)

Offline P-AK

P-AK's Reviews
«: March 24, 2009, 12:58:02 AM»
Customers of P-AK

-Commissioned P-AK for a furcadia portrait of his character Demerit with "Plan C". Plan C, at the time, is simple character shading and a simple background that ranges around $12-$15. Aisumi(myself) sketched out his character and showed him the sketch when I had completed it. He agreed on how it was looked and we continued on with the port. After done shading it, I showed him once again. This time, he asked if we could change the maw to have it snarling. Because it was an 'after edit', we added a couple more dollars. He then said he refused to pay more than $12 for a port. The port, with edits and a simple bg, was $16. After a while of chatting, he just changed his mind and decided that our work was not worth more than $10 and that was all he would pay.

-Commissioned P-AK for two portraits of her new(at the time) character Marsh in trade for a dual-ported alt for Aisumi's use. She was very patient in waiting for the both of us to sort out our RL problems as we completed the ports. Along the way, we showed her the progress and she seemed to enjoy both ports. In the end, she was very happy with the artwork and our trade was complete.