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Author Topic: Premades ~  (Read 642 times)

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Premades ~
«: March 27, 2009, 07:01:07 PM»
Alright to I have a few premades to sell here. They all remap. If you would like to commission me, you may do so. All my ports are tinted here to prevent theft.

First of all ~ Premade 1. I have both versions, (one with the bandana and one without) I am using the bandana version currently on my main however. It's blurry, sorry. The lineart is better and the pixels are as well, sorry. You may buy either.

Premade 2 ~ PM me offers. The price will be raised if you wish for me to sell this port to you ONLY.

Premade 3 ~ Same as above ^^ - This port IS blurred so this is not actual quality. I'm sorry for the major security v.v

Premade 4 ~ Same as above ^^ Really blurry sorry x_x My lineart isn't that suckish.

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Re: Premades ~
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