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Author Topic: Flaming Reviews!  (Read 759 times)

Offline FlamingMoon

Flaming Reviews!
«: March 29, 2009, 12:08:35 PM»
Here are the people who I've commissioned or who have commissioned me for portraits! <3

People I've commissioned...
Inter-Beautiful portrait, speedily done, a little expensive but worth it.  I would definitely commission her again! You people, go! :D

People who've commissioned me...
Copperfish-Was very patient with me, gave me the payment right away.  Edited a little, but with permission.  I lover her!  I might think about commissioning her...
Euphonious-A freebie, again, was very patient.  She loved it, but still getting a space!

TBE :3
Accepting commissions, 3 GD.