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Author Topic: Dolli reviews  (Read 1036 times)

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Dolli reviews
«: April 05, 2009, 02:53:11 PM»
I'm horrible with backtracking who I commissioned, traded with or was commissioned by. If you're not on here lemme know. <3 I'll gladly add you. There's no particular order

Commissioned by:

Fuhnora / Port:
Lovely person to work with! Gave me plenty of references, paid when due and had an amazing character to draw. :)

Deere / Port:
No problems with the commission whatsoever. The character was hard to remap well but very unique and fun to do.

Tachs/Masha / Sketch:
Commission was dropped because of the rude attitude shown in a dream when I was there at the time (which got her banished). I didn't feel comfortable dealing with that kind of person so the money was refunded and the commission dropped.


Aeva / Port:
I love this woman, srsly. She's done many ports for me and I love each and everyone of them. Lots of fun to talk to, always contacts you with progress updates and the like. Fair prices for amazing ports.

Cathoir / Port, premades:
Bought a design premade off Cathoir and commissioned her for a couple port of two of her designs. Good work, doesn't take too long. :3

Octavian / Port:
Bought premade conjoined portraits from her, they were amazing and she edited them to fit the chars without additional costs. Quick, efficient and awesome price!

Smidge/La-La / Port:
I luff these two babes. #SO Commissioned them for a couple port of my two burdies. Not overly speedy, but definitely worth the wait. They keep in contact with you and will finish it regardless of how long it takes!

ESG/Happyknot / Artwork:
This is probably the artist I've commissioned most for my chars. I have nearly a dozen drawings by her and every single time I got nothing but excellent work and quality. One of my most recommended artists for people who want a more realistic drawing of their characters!


Anevay / Port:
Collabed two premade ports with this lovely person! They sold relatively quickly and we split profits. :)

Tachs/Masha / Artwork exchange:
Alright, here we go. Again. :) Every coin has two sides so this is my version of the story. Story narrowed down into a few words, Tach's side of the story is very askew of what really happened and was said.
She is now claiming that the character I drew didn't look like hers and that therefore I didn't draw the character she wanted. I tried to draw the character that she wanted drawn but I was struggling pretty hard with it because boyish figures aren't my thing. She offered me other characters to draw and I offered to draw Grandori, which she was fine with. When it was drawn I never heard a peep. Her overly enthusiastic commentary is still present on the deviation of the drawing, so I am guessing she is telling how displeased she is just to make me look bad. Her current excuse seems that she didn't want to risk a bad piece of artwork for the other half or something... which shows clearly how her train of thought works. o.O
A private issue came up and after an argument she blocked me/logged off MSN - I don't know which, I don't care. Point was she vanished offline for a good day. I blocked her for one day to ensure she could cool down and sent her an email explaining some things, after which I lifted the block. She had been unblocked and able to talk to me for a week, but I didn't get a single message from her. I never got a response to the email either. Once the week was over I removed her from my list, thinking she wanted nothing to do with me anymore.
A couple of weeks/months later, a friend of Tachs' got involved and berated me for never finishing my trade. The conditions of the trade we did at the time CLEARLY involved my saying that with my injured wrist, I most likely wasn't going to color the lineart and would offer another lineart if she desired such a thing. It was never part of the original agreement but my way of offering an apology for not being able to color the drawing. She was alright with just lineart. Cutting a corner, I told her friend that if she wanted to work something out she could note me, PM me on FAZ, PM me on FAM, PM me on the Furc forums.. whatever. I only had Tachs ignored on furc, all other ends were open.
What I received was not a note where we could work things out. It was a rude note where she even rejected another drawing without asking me if I wanted to and assumed I wasn't going to do a thing. She demanded I pay her almost 20 dollars just because I didn't color my half of the trade. I rejected the 'offer' and told her that she forfeited any chance to work things out because she wasn't capable of having a civil discussion.

To summon up her note: She outrightly claimed she didn't want my art anymore based on her prejudice that I would give her the shittiest art I'd ever drawn on purpose, and that any artist would always be inclined to do such a thing. She pretty much demanded I pay her nearly 20 dollars to compensate for the lack of coloring based on the prices she sold her art at before we traded.

I noted her back saying that her prejudice on how I handle commissions or deal with people in general was wrong and that, but being so rude and demanding, she wasn't even trying to work something out but making nothing but selfish demands. I told her not to bother trying anymore and that it was all done and over with .She had her chance and she blew it.

Really, make of it what you will. I'm leaving it up to whomever reads this to decide who was in the right or wrong, whether it was justified of me to respond to her note as I did. I just know that her note wasn't what I would call a genuine attempt to work out a problem, and that is why the whole issue has been left 'unresolved'. Tachs is the only person whom I ever had a problem with because of extremely rude behavior.

I'm not claiming innocence in this case as I know I was aggressive with her. I never said I wasn't. But she is pretty much the only person I EVER had a problem with to this extent and all I'm saying is, it's because of her horrendously annoying attitude. She is the type of person who will justify trolling by saying she's awesome for doing it, but when others troll her they are retarded idiots without a life. I believe this is also reflected in the way she works with people, as an artist and commissioner alike. I definitely do not recommend her. :)

La-La / Port:
We exchanged ports which was tons and tons of fun! One of the first ports I did all by myself and it turned out sweet. :D I loveloveloved her port of my char in return, it'ssocute!
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