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Author Topic: AK Reviews  (Read 896 times)

Offline Ean

AK Reviews
«: April 06, 2009, 02:12:27 PM»
Important Note:
I've noticed that there is a new sig out there that is AAK. Please do not get AAK confused with AK. AAK is not a collab tag (from my knowledge) and I am NOT AAK, I am AK. If I have to, I'll change mine to A-K or somethin'. Just letting ya'll know.

On to the 'views.

I was commissioned by Vortex for his alt, Vortex, long ago. It was for two ports. One feral and one anthro. Of course, my port making skills wasn't as great as they are now. The feral one was done within a good amount of time (rather fast too) and he said it was perfect. Soon after that, I heard/was shown that the port wasn't what he wanted, yadda yadda. So I never started the anthro one. Because he didn't have to pay before hand, it was good. Recently, I was told that he's been dragging my name in the mud. Proof with logs and whatnot. I wouldn't suggest Vortex/Dodge to another artist.

Fun person to work with. Did a few trades with her and each trade was awesome! I'll add more later. xD Rushing right now.
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