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Author Topic: ~!Cool traditional font art for your Characters!~ (Only 1 GD!!!)  (Read 646 times)

Offline Tezza

I dunno...  ???
Ok, so basically, I got bored, started doodling and here is the result:

(Dodgey because it's a photograph, scanner is broke so I will take a picture of the completed commission until I can scan them for you. <3)

I will write practically any word, not swear words or rude words, and I can add some effects maybe, like fire around the edge or thunder, outline, etc. I will write as many letters as you want all for 1 GD! :D

Any Effects (if it's too complicated, I wont do it):
Colours (For now I can only do black and white!)

Thanks! :D
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Offline Tezza