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Author Topic: First Ever Premade Port Auction  (Read 831 times)

Offline Ukai

First Ever Premade Port Auction
«: February 27, 2008, 02:07:27 AM»

My first ever port auction!!

Both ports will start at $10. When placing your bid in the comments section, please say female or male port when bidding that way I know what you are putting the bid on.

Opening Bid will start at $10, the bid increment will go up by $1.

The Auction starts:

Starting: 10:00 am Tuesday 2-26-08
Closing: 9:00 pm Saturday 3-8-08

The two winners of the ports will have the ports altered to their choosing (please be specific and send the color code through DA note or email: [email protected]). There is no autobuy, so as to give everyone a fair chance.


The original ports to not have any markings, color variations, or ears. All was done in the fur color and with no background and logo. These two ports above are only a preview for what you are actually going to get.

After the auction is over and you submit what you want to be altered (please be specific!! I hate having to do a port over 4 and 5 times xD) please send payment before hand, and you will recieve the FSH file in return. If not within the time of 72 hrs, the port will be given to someone else.


On FAZ for those who don't have a DA. Also seen in this topic below:

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Re: First Ever Premade Port Auction
«Reply #1: March 02, 2008, 04:01:36 AM»
Awesome. I don't have any money though T.T I just moved.

The shading on the bottom one, reminds me of Super Saiyan hair X3