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Author Topic: Cheap Desc & Character Story Writer.  (Read 686 times)

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Cheap Desc & Character Story Writer.
«: April 14, 2009, 04:10:02 PM»
Five Star Rated Descriptions


Your Information
Story information requires more, if you're wanting a Character Story, I will
give you another template to follow. Just post below that you want a story and I will
PM you the template. ^_^

Character name:
Eye color:
Hair color:
Fur/skin color:
Clothing Color(s):
What is this character doing?:
One word to describe the character:
Any theme?:
Other information:

Life Chinchilla :: $3.67/$50

Do not say that you have made it when you clearly didn't. It is rude,
mean and quite stupid for you to try and pull that one off.

Pay after I am done with your description and/or story. I don't
want people complaining that I didn't give them their description
the way they wanted. So just wait.

Scamming is intolerable therefore, if you try to pull
a fast one on me, you will be reported to the guardians where
they will either force you to pay or ban you from the game.

I will be asking you a lot of
questions about a said character I am writing a description or a story for.
Do not become impatient with me. I am doing you something I don't have to.

Regular descriptions: $0.50
Extended descriptions: $1.00
Stories for sites: $3.00

Types of Descriptions Available
- Feral
- Anthro
- Human


Regular descriptions

(Feral Wolf) Healer Slim, curvy figure was enveloped in a thick, smokey coat that wrapped
her in a sleek, clean dressing topping it off with black, perky ears that stood erect 'pon
the female's head. Cana was a peace-maker even if she had to use violence to get it.
Her calm and outgoing personality was a plus and went well with her gentle features.
Deep, ocean blue eyes danced even in the most dim light that shone. Hanging around
her scruff lay a man-made dream catcher from the skin of a deer made by the native
Americans she called her friends. Around her bushy tail lay 3 painted golden rings that
symbolized life, death and rebirth. Reincarnation was what she and the natives have
always believed in.

(Human) Bewitched; Hogwarts onyx robe greeted matching pants and shoes as he sat 'pon the
ledge of a window. Bearing a royal blue badge revealing his Ravenclaw status, he sat
with his face in a Quidditch book. Noble brown locks shrouded his minty green eyes as
the grazed over every word, making sure he remembered every bit of Quidditch a fan
like him could. Cream colored skin glinted in the sun and because of his height of 5'1",
he had been able to fit nicely into the small space; a quiet place to get away from the
ruckus. I am pure blood. I am Ravenclaw...

(Human)Pure golden hair flowed gracefully across her shoulders, bangs revealing the light blue eyes
that hold warmth and comfort. Wearing the ebony Hogwarts robes, matching pants and shoes,
she bore white bracers, badge and vest. at her average height of 5'7". Walking down the
pebbled path of the courtyard, face would be hidden inside a book about muggle due to her
opinion on it being better than Quidditch. Being just a normal scholar, she quietly sat in the
courtyard and read, shrouding her face from the passing crowd of students that would soon
be ending up in her class.

(Anthro) Slim, attractive figure would be walking peacefully down a road enveloped in a blanket
of greens. A lone cherry blossom sat far away from where this creature stood. Chibi-like ears
flicked at the sound of the singing birds that would rest neatly on each tree. Spotting the
newly born cherry blossom tree, this feline would sit down quietly, place her purple reading
glasses on and take out her bag covered with multi-colored peace signs. She was a rather
colorful creature with a personality to match. A small smile would form on her face as she
read, getting pretty into the book, feeling every emotion that was rubbed off from the book
itself. Looking up, she'd notice the other creature standing over her and she'd pat the ground
next to her. Now, she sat peacefully, cuddling with her lover.

Extended Descriptions

(Anthro) Anomalous; Feline came off as a calm, cute, young woman at the age of 17. Slender, skinny
body seemed to be quite the eye-catcher for her. Guys continuously stared at the flawless
features she was blessed with. Pierced, chibi-like ears shown out of her choppy, scene hairstyle
that ended over her shoulders in coontails. One barbell pierced through her ear slightly, showing
she was not afraid of needles. Thick, black makeup encircled her eyes, snakebites and a monroe
piercing presenting themselves 'pon her face. Green bikini top was covered by a long-sleeve
fishenet shirt that stopped right after her perky breasts. Going downward her flawless body,
a sudden sparkle at her belly button catches everyone's eyes; a single playboy bunny belly
piercing glistened happily. Black, chained mini-skirt only shrouded so much creating a tease to
those guys she gently glides by. Black and white stiletto heels clapped down the tiled and hardwood
floors, letting everyone know she had arrived. To top it all off, this seductive creature bore rainbow
arm and leg warmers to show off her bisexuality. Around her neck she bore a silver chain that held a
platinum engagement ring all in the mean time, carrying her hello kitty plush which she is never seen without.

(Feral - Wolf) Amaurotic. Two small emerald green eyes stare at you from the darkness and the
fog creating chills up the spine to anyone who sees. This creature unhinges his jaws revealing the
sharpest of canines and two saber teeth in the front dripping saliva like poison that once it hits the
earth's surface, it would be disintegrated. Stepping into the moonlight, he stands in front of you,
providing you with the best sight of him; Massive leathery wings that stretched a good 50 feet,
dragon scales that acted as armor against his pelt making him almost impenetrable, a platinum
necklace with two liquid-filled crystals and his partial blindness. "What do you seek?"
This creature would ask.

"I seek your real name. It can't be Chanteloup."
Project 0777...

He shook his head blindly at the thought of the experiments that he had gone through as just
a little wolf pup. "My name is Chanteloup," he would repeat as if you hadn't asked.

"You are project 0777, aren't you?"
"Yes... And I don't want to bring it up."

Suddenly, you call from behind yourself. "Get him," you'd say and you would capture him once
more and imprison him to make him indestructible. Wouldn't you? Too late. He has killed them all.
You've only created a monster; something you can't defeat with just tranquilizers and other
weaponry. Monster...

Story Examples

If you'd like to see a story example, visit http://chanteloup.webs.com


Regular Description only takes me 5 minutes.
Extended Description takes me a good 5-10 minutes.
Stories take me 20-30 minutes depending on length and difficulty.


(19:06:34) Scott Conway: "I'm one of them lazy people and not creative to
write me own desc. So I saw her thread up on FAZ, and was like 'she's pretty cheap for
a good desc writer' and she was on when I was, she requested some things about the
character and about 5 minutes, BAM came a good desc and it's a great business."

Contact Information
AIM HomgitsAngiekins
MSN [email protected]
Furcadia Convel

** The two best ways to get to me are Furcadia and replying to this thread.
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Re: Cheap Desc Writer
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+ 2 regular descriptions by Scott Conway
+ Review from first customer.

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Re: Cheap Desc & Character Story Writer.
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+ Chanteloup's Extended Description I just found
+ edit.
+ Template/Information guide.
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Re: Cheap Desc & Character Story Writer.
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+ edit.