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Author Topic: 5GD wolf lineart~  (Read 627 times)

Offline knockedleft

5GD wolf lineart~
«: April 18, 2009, 12:12:19 PM»

JPEG'd and crossed out for safety.

A wolf premade I whipped up. I'm not going to color or shade it or anything, but to whoever wants to buy it, we can talk edits if you'd like. :)

No removing my siggy, whether you have someone else edit it, color it, shade it, or yourself -- it stays where it is.

5GD is cool.
Portspaces are too.
I don't do paypal, so that's a no-no.
Or art? Talk to me<3

You can PM me here, or on furc.
I'm always on Oti, so feel free to whisper.
Or comment here.

More on the way!
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Offline knockedleft

Re: 5GD wolf lineart~
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Re: 5GD wolf lineart~
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