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Author Topic: Tala's Reviews  (Read 1174 times)

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Tala's Reviews
«: February 28, 2008, 05:02:13 PM»
I can't really remember much art stuff so I'll be posting what I know.

Snake: Bought quite a few premades from, wonderful person and really quick on sending the file a real joy to work with and allowing me to edit the premades so long as I asked =3 I also commissioned a port and a couple head drawngs from. Wonderful artist.

Deadhead (Furc Name): Commissioned a port bundle from, only got one so far due to tablet breaking but wonderful person got the port done in about a day and put up with me while I tried to find scales.

Baroque: Sold life classics for about 13 ports, got them in a timely manner and they were just what I wanted.

Archery: Commissioned Ports on and off, I have some of her older work back when she was Davaj/Bryant and some of her newer works, really fun to work with and a great port artist and friend.

Nisc: Traded 13 snugs for a Ref of Ark's anthro Form, Rachel Colt. Wonderful art and great friend.

Aqua Dark: I love this girl as I love all my friends, commissioned port art, kinda made her my slave once for life tris had an issue with that but eventually got them too her.

Noki: One artist I wish I could more ports from, she made my very first port back when I was starting out and since then I've gotten more from her, not as many as I'd like.

Fengo: Still waiting on a port to be done from her from a trade we did a while ago for a friend, she is quick with her ports but does get a little lazy but the wait is worth it =3

Pyro (furc Name): Again another artist I wish I could get more ports from. Wonderful art always better then what I expected. A little slow but the wait is well worth it for what you're getting.

Pez: Bought two premades from, quick trade and wonderful person <3

Edward: Commissioned two ports for Gerbil, got them quick and wonderful. I didn't have a design for her but I got a nice one from Ed.

Vai: Someone I've been wanting to commission again she gets ports done in about 3 hours depending on what she's doing irl, wonderful artist.

Okay I know I'm forgetting a couple people I'll remember them as I go through my ports xD


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Re: Tala's Reviews
«Reply #1: February 28, 2008, 09:21:52 PM»
:3 Thanks, babe~<3

Changed my name though (from Baroque) if that makes any difference... xD

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Re: Tala's Reviews
«Reply #2: May 21, 2008, 12:43:39 PM»
oshit I DO have a review somewhere  :o