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Author Topic: Mina's Reviews  (Read 2019 times)

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Mina's Reviews
«: February 28, 2008, 07:21:15 PM»
In order of purchase/sell date/remembrance.

ESTELLE first b/c i've known you since the third grade and you're my bitch. she and i do art for each other all the time. she'd never scam (its against her programming) so its 100% safe to trade with her. she is in hiding half the time, so gluck. ily babe

Bleach/Shnee - Commissioned her for two portspaces, and recived my port in a few days. Amazing quality work, and such a nice person. Totally recommended!

Disturbed - Made her two full-detail traditional pieces and one port for the alt Hawki. I took a rather long time finishing up everything, so it was bad on my part. But very great person overall.

Jadyn - Made her a port for 20k Gaia gold. No troubles whatsoever with anything. Lovely trader. <3

Dormouse - She commissioned me for a port. Gave her the port, she gifted me the scales. Heh, no way would she scam you. <33

Lu/Illegal - Commissioned her for a port of Mina-chan. She took awhile, but she had some stuff goin on. Awesome port. c:

Jenni - Did a trade with her, and she made a very nice port for Mina-chan in exchange.

Rooke - Made him a lineart for Rooke, he gave me the scales. Smooth, totally trustworthy, and fun to talk to. C:

Talrad - Made a deviantart icon for him, and he paid me extra! Wondeful person, easy trade. <3

Loups Garou - Made him a deviantart icon. I didn't want anything but he paid me. He's a big loser, don't even think about trading with him UGH. jk he's the best person in the world - no way would he even think of scamming someone. (I don't think he knows how anyway.) I love you so much loupykins! <3

Anchovy - Made her some character art for neopoints when i needed them. shes totally trustworthy, amazing person. /glomp

Dashuri - Made her a port which took me FOREVER but she was patient and friendly the whole time. Poor thing got hit by a car and now she has a bruise goatee so she was delayed for a bit. But overall, a great person, trustworthy, awesome. I love you Dash! <3

Pukka - Made her a desc for a scale, and I finished it up, and she gifted the scale right after! Fun to talk to, 100% scam-free. <3

Rat - She made me a port for my character, Fizzie. She finished really quickly, and it was an amazing port! Gifted her the space, and she sent me the file. No reason to not trust her. C:

Hayley/Julie - I actually have a reason to put you on this haha! She is one sexy beast, who made me a fucking hotass port for Fizzie. I'm making her one now, but it won't be nearly as good as hers. Don't worry, she won't scam you. (I'll personally cuntpunch her for you if she does.) ILY BABY. :-*

Bipolar - Made her two descs for her characters, and she paid me quick with scales. Lovely person, great trader. n_n

Solanum - He commissioned me when I had a 1gd quicksale of her character, Solanum. I took a rather long time doing it so I made him an extra sketch freebie to go along with it. Very patient and really nice. c:

Karneval - Made them a nonremap oekaki port of their character for a portspace. Redid it a few times. but it was my decision since I didn't like the first few, but in the end, they were happy! Kind enough to chat with me while I was drawing as well, and paid me in ahead. (:

Mez - Commissioned her for a port of Lorelle. The port was fantastic and everything went pretty well. I'd commission her again once I had the cash.

Lexa - Started out offering to draw for her character, Lexa, but ended up sketching her character Hailee for 2gds. I drew it up the same day I talked to her and she was very kind about the whole thing.
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Re: Mina's Reviews
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Re: Mina's Reviews
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+ mez
+ lexa