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Author Topic: port linearts for sale: feral canines, felines, anthro feline. best offer.  (Read 1160 times)


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all of these are going for the best offers I get for them.
i'll take anything EXCEPT art and alts, pretty much.
post here or pm, idrc.

once you buy, you're welcome to edit anything.
you may move my signature (which is ;D. if it is not present, it will be added at the time of purchase) but you may not REmove it or hide it.
fair enough?

feminine anthro feline

feminine feral canine

fuckin' creepy feline

ok go.
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Offline Halloween

Clauuudieee. Good luck sellin' ya groovy ports.

Offline Akazome

The 3rd lineart I've seen on someone before.. Forgot how to spell her name but I've seen it hehe


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you've seen it on zindzi.
she's my inactive lion alt.

Offline Akazome

How much would you want for the last 2??? [Also haha I play Murgatroyd ^_^]

PM me in Furc on Phrost much easier cause its hard to find FAZ stuff my browser is messed up *crys* I do want the last 2 though ^.^
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