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Author Topic: Editor for Hire! (Free of charge!)  (Read 731 times)


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Editor for Hire! (Free of charge!)
«: April 19, 2009, 10:38:19 PM»
Have you ever clicked upon a promising character only to notice that their descriptions have horrible displays of the English language? On the other hand, have you perhaps truly liked a character’s descriptions, but have been distracted by little spelling or punctuation errors? If you have, rejoice! A service to tidy up descriptions has arrived, and will be offering to edit Furcadia descriptions FREE of charge! If you are one of those poor individuals who do not have a knack for English writing or just writing descriptions at all, I will provide an insightful edit to your character’s description!

That’s right, folks – for the first two weeks after the opening of this thread, this amazing opportunity will be available for FREE to those in need. “But wait, there’s more!” Post a request the next four days and you will receive a FREE editing session for ONE page on your character’s website!

In order to take advantage of this spectacular service, post a reply to this thread with the following information:

Your character’s name (or a friend’s, if you wish to hint to them that they need one!):
Contact info (e-mail, in-game name, ect…):
A copy of the description that you wish to be edited:

“It’s that simple!” In a matter of hours, you can flaunt the perfect Furcadia description in order to attract mates, deter noobies, or mask your own grammar faults! Everyone wants a beautiful description, so seize your opportunity today!
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