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Author Topic: Cheap Art! Character Cursors, Animations, & other art!! New Examples!  (Read 2563 times)

Offline Haunt

Dai and I are working to raise money.

Its extremely important that I somehow end up with a hundred dollars
in my pocket each month or...
well, my living situation goes byebye :C

Donations of course are appreciated,
but these commissions are so ridiculously cheap,
might as well get something out of it!!

We prefer Paypal, but accepting GD as well*
*will be selling the gd for paypal

Here's a website that tells you the fees of transfering money.
usually no more than 70c aha

okay! now onto the art!

Tawnie's commissions!

Realistic Art: 8-9gd/pp

(these vary. I don't always use the same programs for these. However, end result should still be somewhat similiar. I prefer only headshots/busts/ferals for these, but will *attempt* anything)

For a fully colored piece: 6-7gd/pp

Lineart: 4-5gd/pp

Quick/lazy Lineart: 1-2gd/pp

For small icons for sites like FA/DA/WAJAS: 2 gd/pp

Dai's commissions!

Semi-Realism: 6 gd/pp
(Note- this example is hand done but you may specify if you want it colored/done on the computer or scanned/touched up. COLORING COSTS EXTRA FOR REALISM! No further examples as of yet.)

Sketch: 1 gd/pp

Lineart: 2gd/pp

Full pictures: 5gd/pp

Chibi small: 2-3gd/pp

Itty Bitty Drawings: 2gd/pp


Animations: 5gd/pp (can be more detailed than the example!)

Character Cursors/Icons:3-4gd/pp (these can also be animated! :D)

there is noooooo slot list.
we are taking endless commissions
gogogogo :3



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Offline Tate

Help her out, people. vv; Once I get my tablet, I'll be offering some cheap sketches to help, too, so keep an eye out.

Offline Haunt

hot signiture >_>

Offline Haunt

Offline Haunt

Offline La-la

i don't have any money right now but i will definitely come back when i do to help you out <333

Offline Ashuri

wow I totally want a cursor, let me know what info to send

Offline Haunt

Wow, okay guys.
I totally forgot this thread exsisted, but yeah. o_o

Ashuri, I'll contact you ingame.. even though its been a month.... x_x

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if you're still doing these commissions, I'd also love a cursor!!  :)

Offline Haunt

we are indeed. I'll contact you in game.

Offline Haunt

+ cursor for beep is done

Offline Cris

Cute arts :D

Considering line art and or sketch.
- Cris Bleeds

Offline `Dai

Let us know if you decide you want one, Cris! C:


Offline Cris

I really want to. lol.

But I really shouldn't cause I needs the money for my port contest.  BUT I most likely will. lol.
- Cris Bleeds

Offline `Dai

Haha, I sure understand how that is. We look forward to your decision none the less!


Offline Haunt

bump :B

Offline `Dai



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Re: Cheap Art! Character Cursors, Animations, & other art!! New Examples!
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Commission this gal!

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Re: Cheap Art! Character Cursors, Animations, & other art!! New Examples!
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Offline Haunt

Offline Haunt

Re: Cheap Art! Character Cursors, Animations, & other art!! New Examples!
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