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Author Topic: Reviews  (Read 914 times)

Offline Galahad

«: April 29, 2009, 01:15:41 AM»
Worked For Them

Hugo - Bought one of my premade linearts <3 Really friendly/fun/easy to get along with. Made me a free wiggler :D
Kei/Maxy - GREAT commissioner. Super friendly, very informative. Provided great refs and as overall easy to work with. Kept in good contact and was a great communicator. Also made the payment promptly. Trustworthy AND fun :D
Aaran - Very patient, especially with my week-o'-chaos. (Maybe it was a week and a half? I have no idea.) Very friendly, easy to keep in contact with, if I can't find her one way I can definitely get her the other way.

Worked With Them[/u]


Worked For Me

Vello/Eclipsed Angel - Flat out awesome. Great work, very helpful, wish he were still around.
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