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Author Topic: Jewelry Refrence Art  (Read 664 times)

Offline Zhimonster

Jewelry Refrence Art
«: May 20, 2009, 03:26:15 PM»

 As the site says, I make these through second life, take a picture, and give you the picture.  I am willing to make changes and get it the way you want it. 

These are great for characters that have a special peice of jewelry of some sort, and I can also do collars for those who do slave related rp.  Rings, bracelets, cuffs collars, pendants.. Ill try pretty much anything, I just need a detailed desc of the peice.

I'll take just about anything for making you a ref, a 1-5 GD depending on the complexity of the peice, I will take a portspace anytime..  I might take expiring digos, or character art, depending on what it is.  You can reach me through PMs here or as

 Jonas|Malakiahus, Merkabah, or Vensyn in game, those are the three I have been playing the most lately.  If Im on, Im on as one of them.