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Author Topic: Dreamers Day: A Massive Public Patch Release!  (Read 2439 times)

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Dreamers Day: A Massive Public Patch Release!
«: May 29, 2009, 07:56:39 PM»
Dreamers day
You can also use www.dreamersday.com, it will redirect you to the googles site!

We could sell them, we could ask for favors! But we decided we'd rather just share them with all of you. Furcadia's biggest patch artists are about to release some well-sought after patches, including patches by The Mint Mink, Rat the Unloved, Kaelin'yFiae, and Artspace, among many others! These are good patches that are worth looking forward to, and more are coming! For free!

Dreamers Day is a gathering of Furcadia's givers and creators.
Hosted by Draygans Hollow, and organized by Kaelin'yFiae, and Rat the Unloved, with help from Wolfy T. Twisted and the other artists involved.

Our aim is to start a Furcadia tradition that comes straight from the community, to have an annual celebration where the players have a chance to give all! One where we patchers, coders, helpers, and weavers can give the community something to look forward to, that we can look forward to too!

Dreamers Day will happen in mid or late July, and will be hosted during the Draygans Hollow sixth year celebration, with the aid of WFMA Radio where a collection of completely new, donated patches will be released. To celebrate the event, and to give it the kick-off it needs, Kaelin'yFiae has agreed to release the Draygans Hollow patch. Also released will be well-sought after items by Rat the Unloved (Elements - Stone, Wild Herbs, and more), and new unannounced patchwork by The Mint Mink and Artspace, and we hope more artists!

Other artists are given the opportunity to choose to release new patch items during this event, on a map made just for Dreamers Day. In return, they receive exposure and a better chance that their patches may be noticed and used! And a special place and appreciation in the Draygans Hollow sixth year celebration.
Each contributing artist is allowed a place on our page, to post a short bio about them self. Where they may also advertise commissions if they choose.

Come join us, help us make this day as big as we can, and inspire creativity among Furcadia's users! We're looking to the artists and creators of Furcadia to make this event blossom!

Dreamers Day Website (general information)

How to get your patches involved.
Visit THIS THREAD! Please read thoroughly!

Dreamers Day FAQ

Help us advertise, spread the word!

Also, see the main thread for discussion regarding the event on the Furcadia forums!
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